Hi - I'm Brian and I might be a gearaholic

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I've cast my fly rod somewhere.....out of the ordinary.

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. I just picked up a Winston B3X 9' 6 wt and I like it so much that I took it with me to my gym early in the morning yesterday, strung it up and tried it with several different lines in the indoor basketball court. Several observations, some surprising and some perhaps not: 1) use of a fly rod on the indoor basketball court is not encouraged by my gym's employees, 2) i've met my newest favorite 6 wt and 3) not one cute, yoga-pant wearing woman threw herself at me (that was a disappointment, though I am married). Maybe I was throwin' a tailing loop? On the gym employees, I hinted at a desire to cast in the indoor pool. They were not supportive, but maybe they were just bamboo snobs.

    Somewhere during the process I realized that I might have an unhealthy relationship with some of my fishing gear, but what the hell.

    Anybody else ever cast somewhere out-of-the-ordinary, just to get a casting fix in? I have created a poll to explore the topic.
  2. Most Christmas mornings, I can be seen in the grass that runs down the middle of the boulevard on which we live, testing out a new rod/reel/line. Always gets some looks from the cars passing by. A few folks have pointed out that I should fish where the fish are.
  3. I voted to fast. I should of read what was said. I don't cast my rod in Buildings. But not because I can't. It's because there isn't any building here with enough head space in them.
  4. I cast a new rod in the parking lot of the pier "The Real World: Brooklyn" was filmed on. I've also fished Renton, Washington's Cedar River.
  5. I cast an old blue collar bamboo rod off the dock at Green Lake once...
    Now I have a label for life.
    It's been really rough ever since then, too.
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  6. Sons soccer practice... great wind to practice casting at different angles. He was embarrassed, but he's young and will heal.
  7. I LOVE gearaholics!

    They always have the newest stuff.... and I get to try gear (their gear) out on the water actually fishing, without spending a dime or having to go to the fly shop.
  8. I wonder what the divorce rate is among gearaholics .

    OP might want to google that .... :D
  9. I've cast inside what was then the basement warehouse inside the Washington Square Sears back in '81 or so. It's now part of the customer area.
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  10. I have cast new gear on more than a couple of frozen lakes while waiting for a flag to go up.
  11. Hello my name is Steve and I'm a vintage gearaholic.....I've been addicted for years and can't (won't) shake the habit. Never enough....drives my wife nuts as I have on many occasion taken a cool old reel with me to do my morning business. Click, click, click...ahhhh! I also ply with bamboo in the living room a lot...she says.
  12. Brian,

    I, too, am a gearaholic. My question is what was an otherwise normal guy, a flyfisherman, doing in a gym. Years ago, I swore off gyms and health clubs. It seems this one club with obviously inadequate facilities had a problem with my buddy and I bringing an Igloo cooler with a sixer of Coors Lights. Hey, it's diet beer! We probably would not have gotten busted if these 2 women had stayed out of the hot tub. I noticed my buddy staring at the bubbles as we sat there sipping our suds under the less than admiring glances of the 2 snobs and made the mistake of asking him what he was staring at. His reply? "I'm trying to see which bubbles are from me". A couple of minutes later, we were "asked" to leave.

    Oh, yeah, gear. Sorry. How about casting a new LL Bean at 2 AM outside the flagship store in Freeport ME, in the snow and about 20 degrees. That place is open 24 hours and who can sleep when all those rods are making so much racket?

    Or, how about the walking isle of a fly fishing show. On a really crowded day. Not the casting area. The isle. This guy had an end booth and I was not yet a good caster. You know, no lessons, no tapes, no practice, no clue? Damn near took out 20 people.

    Or across the main drag in Manchester, VT, just down the road from Orvis? This fellow had a combination pipe and tobacco shop/fly shop. Neat guy. Anyway, that's where I fell in love with my little Winston Ibis 3 wt (sorry, Leland), casting between traffic.
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  13. One of my latest bamboo purchases came from the Tanner Gun show in Denver Co. There was one booth with a few bamboo rods and Hardy reels for sale. Even though its a huge gun show, I was the guy waving around dangerously a beautiful English fly rod! I had em scrambling and running for cover as they weren't about to try to explain to their buddies how the hell they got buggy whipped...not pistol whipped at a gun show?! I was the ONLY one carrying a four piece bamboo rod in the entire building! In the original bag, people kept asking me what barrel did you buy??
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  14. I did the same as jersey, spent many a day over the years casting a fly rod at my son / daughters soccer or baseball practices. My son thought I was odd and I think he was a bit embarrassed at times but my daughter thought it was cool.
    Now days if I pick up a new rod / line that I want to try out and don't have time to hit the water I will walk over to the park near our house and cast away ;)
  15. Don't ever try a spey rod, it only gets worse.
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  16. Pretty sure my wife will leave me if i buy a spey rod.

    Right before dinner my bride gave me the look she gives the cat when she makes the cat sleep in the garage because....At the moment I have all my fly boxes (which equates to quite a few) spread out across the living room floor. After I got home from work I thought I'd relax for a few minutes and rethink how to organize my flies for the 1000th time. For some reason, she doesn't seem to find my ponderings as relaxing as I do. She doesn't like beer or the movie Blazing Saddles either, though, so plainly she has a screw loose.
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  17. Let's see, where have I cast in a place out of the ordinary? How about the casting pool at last years fly fishing show in Lynwood? Man that was an awkward place for a casting pool. Or maybe casting at scheels in Reno, nv from the 2nd story towards the Ferris wheel in the middle if the store?

    I'm definitely a gearaholic. Case in point I traded that B3X to Brian the OP! Glad you enjoy it!

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  18. I wish I could be a gearaholic. I have kids.

    Kids have college tuition accounts to fund.

    I have shitty gear.

    Go Sox,
  19. Charles,
    You have to think of them as investments...
    no, not the kids - I meant the gear.. much easier to justify them that way.
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  20. I'm like a gearaholic, but for booze.

    I had my 14 month (at the time) old daughter casting my 3wt in the terminal at PDX. I also sometimes go to the lawn at the local zoo on lunch break

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