High Dollar vs. Less Dollar Rods

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Matt Paluch, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Sloan Craven Active Member

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    If high-priced performance is really only something that can be appreciated by skilled anglers. Why do great anglers abandon their high-end equipment for something lesser priced of different design.
  2. Jason Baker Member

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    i don't believe anyone said, claimed, or thought that?????
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    Pictures or it didn't happen.
  4. nb_ken Member

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    Excellent point.

    I got into fly fishing about the same time I started making a little money. Still, I paid $50 for my first fly rod at a pawn shop. You know what? I didn't catch many fish with that rod. You know what else? The rod had nothing to do with that.

    About a year later I decided that I really did like this fly fishing stuff so I saved up some money and bought a mid-priced rod. A GL3 5wt 4pc. When I got it, I thought, "Damn, now this is a fly rod." And lo and behold, I started catching more fish. But, again, the rod had almost nothing to do with that. I just learned to be a better fisherman.

    That Loomis 5 wt became my first main rod. Caught a ton of fish with it. I started filling my quiver with different sized low- and mid-range rods. A GL3 3wt and 8wt. A Scott SAS 4 wt. Sage DS. Etc. Fished for years with those kinds of rods. Learned to work them well. More fish more often in all kinds of water.

    Then one day I broke my 5wt. Called Loomis to see about getting it replaced. They had stopped making the GL3 in a 4pc, so I talked them into replacing it with a Metolious. Holy Moly. Overnight I became a better caster. As I mentioned before, distances that took three false casts to reach with the GL3 now took two. Fatigue didn't make me sloppy late in the day like it had in the past.

    But I didn't see the benefits of the nicer rod until I had already developed some casting skill.

    Last year the company I worked for got sold and the new folks laid me off. But, I parachuted out with a little chunk of cash so I used part of it to upgrade my quiver. One of the upgrades was a GLX 5wt. In all ways it's better than the Metolious. But the difference between those 2 rods isn't nearly as striking as the difference between the GL3 and the Metolious.

    As one poster pointed out earlier, maybe you reach a point of diminishing returns. While the GLX is easily the best rod I've owned, I'm not sure it's $200+ better than the second best. Sure is fun to cast, though and I got no plans for giving it up. Definately better than driving a Buick.
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    First, you got me - I wasn't sitting in a kayak when I was casting to the redfish... :hmmm:

    Second - 'sharp shooting'? It's like hitting the broad sign of a barn... :cool:
  6. chadk Be the guide...

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    many experienced anglers find themselves going back to the lower priced rods after realizing, from years of experience, the hype just doesn't add up much of the time...
  7. Jason Baker Member

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    Sure they do, go ahead and name one.....
  8. chadk Be the guide...

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    This board is chalk full of them - even many saying so in this thread alone. Myself included (and several of the others have twice the experience I have). I'll let them speak for themselves though.
  9. obiwankanobi Active Member

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    How many advanced casters that previously owned a premium rod do you think would contemplate a fine Eagle Claw setup? This just might get reported on the O Reilly Factor as being the most ridiculous item of the day!!!!:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  10. chadk Be the guide...

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    Who said anything about Eagle Claw? Although I am a little bummed by 15yr old yellow Abu Garcia figerglass rod finally bit the dust not long ago. But more on topic, I think Fenwick, TFO, Cabelas, Okuma, Pflueger, lower end Sage\Lamiglass\Loomis\Reddington, etc etc all have their time and place...
  11. Jason Baker Member

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    Fellas, this ought to be interesting. How many "experienced" guys have coem to this revelation, put down that Sage, Loomis, T &T, Scott, or Winston after they found out it wasn't worth. Then what rod did you go out and buy?
  12. Sloan Craven Active Member

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    That's what started this whole thing, I thought. Didn't a certain well-repected steelheader say somethingto that effect and it really ticked off someone else in the Spey forum. Yup, just checked.
    I know it to be common with Spey casters. I don't want to quote people without their permission, but they are moving away from Sage and Hardy to other things.

    And it has been mentioned on other forums.
  13. OhioOutdoorsman New Member

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    It is indeed a fortunate man who has enough money to buy an expesive rod and yet has enough time to fish to appreciate it.
  14. zipmyfly New Member

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    To the guy who started this post...

    You're right.
    Who cares
    Move on

    Gotta get ready to go steelheadin in the morning.
  15. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I have four or five rods and none of them cost an arm and a leg. My first rod was a Fiberglass that I bought from White Front. Along with a reel. Top of the line at the time. A pfluger(sp). No rim control. It was just a knuckle buster. Bought before most of you were born. But I progressed up the line as I got better. I now use a GL3 9' 2 piece. Which I just use part of the time. My other rod is a DS2 Sage 9' 6wt. Which just collects dust. I also have a GL2 7"6" 4 wt which also collects dust in a corner. I have a 9'6" 8wt St Croix Avid that sits in a case that is doing it's best to bend to the heat and cold.

    My go to rod is a TFO 7'9" 3wt Finess rod. To me it is like a cannon but I don't need to throw out many feet of line as the water that I fish in is very skinny water.

    None of these rods ever costs me more than $215.00. But I wouldn't trade them for the world.

    I have tried better rods but I find out the my cheap rods do the trick.

    I used to have more rods but I found out that these few that I have wil.l cover all my needs for fly fishing.

    And my car is a '92 Subaru which I'm not afraid to take anyplace to fish. If I had a BMW I would probably be afraid to take it near any bushes.

  16. max drag Member

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    Chicks dig my Sage
  17. Scott Keith Member

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    My first rod cost me about $50 new... I still have it and use it in case I break my other rod. It's a Crystal River Cahill... I moved from there to a Sage that I built... couldn't tell you what model, but it was easier to cast.. I had to sell it because money was tight and didn't fly fish much after that... My rod now is a North X northwest that works fine. I've caught a fair number of fish on it and think I only paid around $150 for it. My wife fishes with a Sage VPS. I don't know what my point is... Probably a little like this thread, point challenged. But I like my rod, it works for me... and I suck at casting any of the rods my wife and I own.

  18. Matt Paluch Member

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    I can't believe how many strong opinions there were on this. I hope we are all fishing with our gear no matter how much it cost. I just posted a report from my trip this morning... definitely worth getting up at 2:30 this time.

    Sorry to anyone who fealt like I was looking down on them, just got a little riled up yesterday... I think the fish cured me.:D
  19. Steelie Mike Active Member

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    One of my favorite spey rods to cast is a Winston B2X. I love the fit, finish and action of this rod. It handles a multitude of lines well and I can bomb out casts when I need or want to. The price tag on this rod is $835.00. It can help me catch fish, but so can that Echo Classic or TFO Professional that costs $275.00. Buy buying a TFO or Echo I now can afford a pair of comfortable waders as well as a reel and line for the setup. Heck I can even afford a ticket for my daughter to Disneyland. All of our priorities are different.

    What I get sick off is listening to someone say that high end gear is going to give you an edge versus someone who is using something cheaper. The best fisherman that I fish with own both high end and low end gear and use both. A lot of them have them because they have the luxury of being on those companies pro staff. Catching a bonefish on a Heritage rod is no differnet than catching a fish on a Sage if you know what you are doing. Some do and some do not.

    Sloan, I do want a Hardy Perfect.
  20. Sloan Craven Active Member

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    I'll get right on that, Mike!!!