Hiking and fishing...tent or no tent???

Discussion in 'Camping, Hiking, Cooking' started by Mike Ediger, Jan 10, 2009.

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    Fly tying season!?!

    I can't find time to tie flies with all the great fishing the last week.
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    Sleeping (a drunken sleep actually) on the banks of the chena river near fairbanks, I woke to find grizzly tracks all around me as a bear had circled me quite closely during the twilight that passes for night up there. (I didn't wake from my stupor till a jetboat came by at about 5AM.) Once in a tent I had some animal, bear or deer I guess nudge me from outside. I was on my brother's side of the tent quite quickly! Near Illiamna my buddy and I repsonded to a pilots midnight cries for help with a bear as he had placed his sleeping bag in a game trail. Exiting the tent that night with a brown bear somewhere outside was no fun at all. A tent is definitely in the way when you need to respond quickly. I have had many experiences with skunks and lean-tos. In hindsight we were very lucky not to get sprayed. they came every night, a whole friggin family of them, and by the third or fourth night of sleep diprivation we started throwing things at them to chase them off. My current preference is a large tent which converts to a screen tent, plenty of room, plenty of visablilty, only some mesh between me and the stars, and I was able to watch that black bear wander around just after daylight in relative comfort. course that thing weighs more than my whole pack used to, but I can't get comfortable on ensolite anymore anyways. I have noticed over the years that things like bugs, scorpions, and fortunately, so far, non-poisonious snakes will seek out the proximity of a nice warm human in a sleeping bag for shelter.
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    Huh, that's weird! I guided out of Naden Harbour for a few years earlier in the decade, and we'd spend many any evening heading down to the local rivers to unwind after a day of guiding. It was great, because the rivers we fished were untouched except by us guides and the local loggers.

    Spent many an afternoon later in the season, when the salmon (mainly pinks) would come in and the bears would be sharing our fishing holes with us. Watching them scoop out fish was amazing, as was watching them pounce like kittens chasing a ball of string.

    The most impressive thing was when one bear would be in the prime "fishing" spot, and a bigger/more senior bear would decide he wanted to fish there instead. They'd battle it out, and you could almost feel the ground shake when they'd go at it. Totally wild!

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    Your experiance in the QC is much greater than mine. I've only been there 3 times. Twice for Silvers and once for Steelies.

    It is a wonderland of Sea Kittens though. :thumb:
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    Before this thread dissapears for good I just wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts. If you are willing to spend the money on a good light weight tent there seems to be very little reason to go without one. Not sure what I will do, but I do appreciate all the imput.
    Thanks again,