Hiking and fishing with 4 y.o.?

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    My loving wife wants to take a hike/walk this weekend with our four year old and 4 month old, and I want to go fishing. I can bring my rod and fish "as much as I want" if I can find a place that we can all hike and fish in close proximity to one another. Suggestions? I am open to any type of fishing, but not really sure where there are good/average/okay sections of water to fish with a hiking trail in close proximity that will be easy enough for our 4 y.o.

    Does the Iron Horse trail allow easy walking and clear access to the Yakima?

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

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    I can't offer any info. on hiking areas but I can tell you that taking a very young child fishing is something of an exercise in futility. (At least that's been my experience with my boys.) Their idea of fishing is to chuck the bait into the water, play with the rest of the bait. Every five minutes or so, pull the bait out of the water, "to check if there's a fish on it" or "if the fish ate the bait." This would go on for about a half hour to 45 minutes and then they'd be running off to investigate bugs and things of interest along the stream bank or shoreline. In short..., they acted like little boys. I quickly learned not to expect to get in any fishing myself. I loved those trips, and I miss them. Both my boys are in their teens now and aren't interested in fishing.
    As far as taking a four year old hiking, keep in mind that the mile going away from the trail head is a lot shorter than the mile coming back when you're lugging the little guy on your back.
    At any rate, good luck and I hope you enjoy yourself. Treasure these moments, they won't last forever.:thumb::)
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    These are mostly good hikes for four year olds, the fish are small if any:

    - Goat lake just North of Mt Rainier NP near Ashford about a mile or so in. I caught some 8-10 inch brookies there. The trailhead is a bit hard to find.
    - Sheep lake near Chinook Pass about 2+ miles, very small fish, but lots of berry's which is great for keeping kids motivated.
    - Henskin lake at Crystal Mt, I haven't actually done it, just heard it is good with young kids.
    - Eunice Lake, near Mowich lake I doubt there are any fish in Eunice, but there probably are in Mowich. Eunice is a great hike for a four year old an there are berry's at the lake.
    - Summit Lake, near the carbon river entrance to Mt Rainier is another great kid hike, I don't know about fish though.

    Have fun,
  4. Jerry Metcalf FishyJere

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    I took my kids backpacking/fishing starting in about the first grade. They just needed the legs and self control to make it safe and reasonable. It was mostly all about them, although I did get in a little time to myself. I would construct some play/exploration where I could watch and let them get dirty. I got fish, a few.

    I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything. It was just plain hard work for me (Mom's are so strong...), but when I ask them today, they have enduring memories of these trips. How else do we compete with Disneyland?

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    It might help to know where you are located. Assuming that you are from the Seattle area I would suggest the Snoqualamie South Fork. Its small and you there are some places for the kid to wade and look for critters. My kids at 7 and 10 love it there (and right now are able to cross on their own) More importantly you have a good chance of hooking a fish and letting the kid see and touch a small cutthroat. Either at Twin Falls (crowded but decent and scenic trail) or go higher up. Go into town for ice cream after and you will always be the winner. The other forks are probably equally good for access.

    Unless you live nearby the Yakima seems like a lot of effort for an outing that can go south in the first five minutes. Bring bandaids, snacks and patience.
    Have fun,
  6. Brookie_Hunter aka Dave Hoover

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    A couple ideas from where I've fished lately......Asahel Curtis Nature Trail off Exit 47 or 48 off of I-90 borders the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River.....easy trail however it's right by the Highway so it's a little noisy. The Taylor River Trail is pretty flat too....take the Middle Fork (Snoqualmie) Rd. from Exit 34 about 12 miles to the trailhead. Most fish in the Taylor from my experience are in the 6-7" range but they're eager to take a fly. The River is right beside the trail most of the way and the trail is in good condition.