Hill's Spring Cleaning Sale (Dozens starting at $1.50)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by bhill, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Due to the over whelming amount of order placed on the 26th, Hill's inventory tracker shut down and failed to remove sold out items. I am truly sorry to anyone who did not get there complete order. Right now we are working on fixing the problem and will notify those who's order were missing the most flies with replacement flies.
    Truly Sorry
    Brandon Hill
  2. Rats, I ordered about $50 worth, and just found out I won't get ANY. You guys who received part of your order should consider yourselves lucky!

  3. That would be super Brandon. Let me know if there is any action required from my end. Also, thanks for the response to my e-mail.:thumb:
  4. Brandon,

    Thanks for the reply to my ordering question...When I went back to start my order, I had missed the boat on a few of my choices, but I placed an order anyway; Sale & non-Sale flies.

    I haven't received my order yet, but just wanted to say Thanks for putting an incredible fly deal out there. Not being a tyer myself, any flies I can get at a good price are worth the effort.
    Thanks for stepping up to try to make things right!!! :thumb:

    Hopefully everyone who ordered got a great deal on what they received.

    The Interwebs. They're not perfect.
  5. I too only recieved 4 of 13 items ordered, but just wanted to put a good word in for Brandon and the others at Hill's. Another large order that I put in with them in the last couple of years had some inventory/stock problems, but these guys really jumped through some hoops to get it corrected so that I got the bugs I needed before a big trip. Aside from their order/inventory system, the attitude and customer service has been top-notch and I was really impressed.

    Brandon - thanks for offering a great deal for what I got.
  6. Yeah, I thought I had my order in as well, but guess not. I have no fly love. I was able to follow up with a much smaller order on some flies that will help fill the dry boxes. Ah well... early birds get the worm this time!
  7. Brandon just did me right by giving me a great deal on quite a few dozen dry flies and nymph patterns of various sizes to make up for the short order. I AM a happy camper now. Thanks Brandon!:thumb::thumb::thumb: You ARE the man!
  8. That's great customer service. My order was short 11 dozen...did he contact you or did you contact him?
  9. Both... I would suggest you reach him via the website and follow-up on his previous post in this thread indicating he would try to make it right for those shorted. Be proactive..
  10. All 20 dozen showed up today. Nice flies at a great price. This will stock me and my dad's boxes nicely. Thanks again for a great deal.

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