Himalayan Mahseer Fly And Lure Fishing

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    Hi! Guys,

    Me and my friend Sabir, returned from a productive fishing session on Gobind Sagar Lake in Mid- Febuary.

    We didn't expect much in terms of results due to the prevalent cloudy-low pressure conditions. And managed just a 3 lb Golden Mahseer on the first day.


    Next morning, the sky was bright and sunny and as I was preparing to cast my Fly rod, Sabir hooked on to something that made his knees tremble....I was on a boat about 30 yards from him and I had the landing grip in my bag. By the time I got to Sabir, the fish was still running and in a few more minutes, this 25 lb beauty was landed...


    Now, I made a cast from my Fly rod close to the same spot where the 25 lber was hooked , I got an 8 lb Mahseer to bite my Black/Yellow Wooly Bugger and the fish gave a good account for its size.


    All the fish where released after reviving them in a keeping net.

    Harsh Rana
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  2. Alosa Active Member

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    Easily the most exotic locale that I've seen a fly fishing report from on this site. Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks Alosa and Jamie Wilson!

    I wish to share and learn from all the forum members here.
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    That is a cool report. Looks like the sun was bright in February. Nice photos of some cool looking fish. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks Ed.

    I was cloudy the day we reached.
    Cleared up later on.
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    Thanks Ron!
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    awesome report, iv'e been hearing/reading alot about fly fishing for those around india, etc. recently. looks like a blast!
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    Thanks McNasty!