HIN for my pontoon boat.

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by kodiaksalmon, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. kodiaksalmon

    kodiaksalmon Jeff B.

    Reading the regs, talking about PFD's...long question short-Do I need a HIN, or some kind of state registration for my South Fork?

  2. flybill

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    I believe you only need to register if you use a motor on it. I'm not 100% sure, but I asked about my 11' kayak and was told I don't have to register it.

  3. estill

    estill Member

    I can't speak for the pontoon but my 14' row boat falls under this exception:

    (7) Vessels under sixteen feet in overall length which have no propulsion machinery of any type or which are not used on waters subject to the jurisdiction of the United States or on the high seas beyond the territorial seas for vessels owned in the United States and are powered by propulsion machinery of ten or less horsepower;

    All of the exceptions are poasted here:
    http://search.leg.wa.gov/wslrcw/RCW 88 TITLE/RCW 88 . 02 CHAPTER/RCW 88 . 02 .030.htm

    For clarification call the DOL.
  4. Steelheader

    Steelheader Only 3 more years until I can think like a fish.

    No you don't to register your pontoon.
  5. kodiaksalmon

    kodiaksalmon Jeff B.

    Thanks guys. I didn't mean to ask a stupid question, but like I said, I was looking through the regs, and on pg 3 where they're talking about PFD's, there's a pic of a pontoon boat with no motor with a HIN, and they're talking about the angler sitting above the water, vessel rowed or paddled, or propelled by kicking fins and I just got to thinking, "Whoa, I don't need a HIN do I?" It wouldn't have surprised me either, as this state has some of the most, shall we say interesting laws of any state I've lived or fished in.

    Thanks for answering a dumb quesiton.

  6. Stephen Rice

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    Hey Jeff there are no dumb questions better to ask then get a ticket!
  7. Kent Lufkin

    Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

    If registration IS required for pontoons then a whole lot of us are illegal. I've never seen numbers on one.

  8. kodiaksalmon

    kodiaksalmon Jeff B.

    I'd never seen one with numbers either, and the states I've fished and floated or boated in have all had regs whereas a boat under 16' and not under power did not require numbers. But I'm planning on using the heck out of my boat this year, and didn't want to get busted.

  9. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    Yup, no need for the #'s unless it's got a motor. So no worries.
  10. ceviche

    ceviche Active Member

    But what about a boat, normally propelled by human power (i.e. pontoon boat or canoe), fitted with a temporary electric motor--say one borrowed from a friend for the duration of a single trip? Will this vessel have to be licensed prior to and henceforth after the trip? :confused:
  11. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    Yup Ceviche, it will. I was stopped by a friendly law enforcement officer years ago when I had my little electric on my then newer outcast. I was out in the salt. But was told that I had to license the boat since it had a motor (doesn't say gas, just says motor in the lawbook). Went to the DOL and they confirmed. You can try and chance it. But not sure how nice the officer will be who stops you (if they do at all).
  12. P.Dieter

    P.Dieter Just Another Bubba

    Depends on the waters apparently.

  13. Tony Mull

    Tony Mull Member

    there's still a place for civil disobedience, especially in this state where the regulators have gone wild. if you are willing to risk the amount of a ticket then obey the laws that make some sense and ignore the others. to be truthful most of our laws rely on voluntary compliance, since there is little capacity for actually enforcement. it is unfortunate that lawmakers (those idiots in olympia are only the tip of the iceberg) actually make rules as though they can enforce them. i always buy a license but have only had mine checked once in washington in 15 years and never in BC and once in alaska in 25 years. i could have put one kid through college!
  14. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    Well Paul, it pretty much sums up most rivers and most lakes too (around Puget Sound that is and the Ocean). Federally regulated is most rivers in fact (including the Chehalis and it's tribs and many others up and down the coast). You have to go more into the RCW's. There are TONS of sub laws on this. The 10hp is for non regulated, but on anything that is supposed to be enforced by the Coast Guard, it's any motor and it requires a hull number. You'll be hard pressed to find many "non regulated" waters that people will be fishing.

    Tony, on this law, there are PLENTY of people to enforce it actually. Depending on where you're running, you have all levels of law enforcement. Not just the WDFW. In fact, I've been checked several times running my big cats on the Chehalis in tidal flow areas and they checked me over very thoroughly (the local sheriff in their boat). Luckily I was in compliance. I've been checked probably 10 times in the last 6 years on the Chehalis (in inflatable and jetboats). All were Coast Guard or Local Law enforcement, none were WDFW.
  15. Tony Mull

    Tony Mull Member

    well i see a lot of pontoons with electrics and no #. i'm a rower and don't mind it all day, but if i want to use an electric it seems ridiclious for the authorities to care, they got better things to do. most of us are lawbreakers anyway, hardly anyone drives for more than a few miles without exceeding the speed limit at some point. maybe they are just out to get you Jerry. ;)
  16. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    LOL, probably are. BUT, high revenue area, so not just me. They hit quite a few of the boats running up "sled alley" on the Chehalis. So not just me. Friend got a ticket last year for not having his throw cushion (it had blown out while driving to the river he thinks). Got nailed for that. They may have better things to do, but they go where the money is. Easy tickets for them.
  17. Kim Ferris

    Kim Ferris left-handed sort of way

    got to go with jerry on this stuff ----

    a month ago i decided that i might put an electric motor on the southfork pontoon for a day, but at the last minute the warning senses came on, so i did a little research. eventually i was down at the motor vehicles/auditor's office with this question. simply---motor goes on, license numbers go on. and i argued until i was out of breath. they even told me a story about forcing their uncle to toe the line.

    it annoyed the @$Q$# out of me, especially since they wanted a manufacturers statement of origin and a proof of sales tax paid (you kept that receipt didn't you?).

    after that i did a little more informal inquiry - so what do people do who don't work at DMV? well, it seems that more people know about the reg's than i thought, and a lot of people try to slide through hoping that they'll get a warning if caught.

    this was so much more complicated than i wanted. so the motor never got on the boat.

  18. Tony Mull

    Tony Mull Member

    well they could sure clean up on the average day at blackmans. like i said lots of pontoons with electrics and never seen a # on one. how much was the license? guess i'm outa luck anyway, got mine on ebay and skipped the sales tax. :hmmm: anything to wring another buck out of us. sometimes i wonder what they are thinking, or if they are thinking. caught a story last night speculating on the fate of the WASL once a few years worth of kids who had to take it become voters. mighty unpopular even with those who pass it easily.