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  1. Great recourse Andrew, thank you.
  2. I know Larry a little. Nice guy. A geek's geek. I agree with most of what he writes but I think he suffers from old white guy syndrome. However much I may agree that nets do not belong in the river I have to strongly disagree gill netting the river is as big a contributing factor to the decline of salmon in the Skagit as he says it is. I do agree that the dams do far more damage to the river and its fish then the dam operators say the do.
  3. " old white guy syndrome" big gut, no ass?
  4. No, OWGS ~ blames indians for the collapse of salmon runs on the Skagit. Won't admit that logging, daming, development, and diking are the major causes of the collaspe. Although Larry does admit these other causes are some of the reasons for the declining runs he still clings to the idea that netting is the major cause; it is not and as soon as we get over that the more we can focus on the issues that are causing the decline.
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  5. Does anyone know of anything similar to this pertaining to the Skykomish/Snohomish river system?
  6. I am not aware of anything similar for the Skykomish River / Snohomish. However, it would be pretty interesting if there was.
  7. I'm with ya on that Kerry!
  8. Kunzler has a fantastic historic report pertaining to Skagit River flood issues.

    I agree Kerry, he has OWGS. He's wrong. The data say so. You'd think a data geek would be persuaded by the data.

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