History on antique bamboo rod

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    I inherited a vintage bamboo fly rod. It is a 3 piece bamboo rod with the label 'Fish King' on the lower section. The grip is appx. 2 feet long and is wooden. I'm guessing it must be some kind of spey rod, perhaps. The butt of the rod is made of some kind of oxidized metal. I can give more info if necessary.

    Does anyone know the history of such rod? Era? Scarcity? Typical use? I'd much appreciate anything anyone has, thanks.
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    Hmmm. 99% of the rods out there are mass production rods (HI, Montague, Japanese rods, etc.) and have low value ($25-100).
    Condition is quite important in determining value as is scarcity.
    What's the length on the rod? Almost sounds like a surf rod, but most were 2 pc.
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