Hitting Paydirt in SW Washington

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by aplTyler, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Noice. That thing is beautimus
  2. I can recommend Steve Buckner, He's down your way, 503-939-5819 and www.northwestflyfisherman.com
    Steve is an FFF Certified Two handed (Spey) casting instructor. He's also a hell of a fly fisherman and guide.
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  3. That fish is a stud.

    Nice pics, thanks for the look.

  4. You guys Scored! Awesome fish! I personally got instruction from Brian Chou a few years back. He is a great caster, instructor, and steelhead maniac. He is down here in Portland and you can find him in here and the gallery under k2flyfisher. He took me out on a run or two and watched me and then from there gave me instruction on what to improve upon with fishing in mind. With other instructors, they seemed to want to start from the very basics and go from there. That just wasn't my style. With Brian, my casting went from mediocre, at best, to zip zap Boom! I'll pm you his number.
  5. Wow, that's some fish.
  6. Steve and Brian are the best in the area. Brian is teaching a class at the NWFF Expo in Albany in March. You should sign up for it.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. Two of our CCA Banquets are that weekend and I will be out of town at those functions. I'll still shoot Brian an email and try to get a private lesson or two. Thanks guys!
  8. I'd guess 10 to 12 on the weight. What do you think?
  9. That fish is over 12lbs ..He's a mule with shoulders on him for sure.

    This one was 10 1/2#'s.. Not as big Tylers fish!![​IMG]
  10. delete...
  11. +1 on Steve Buckner. He's a good instructor and a physicist...so he can explain why things work and why they don't. Pass on his homemade chili though, I was tasting that stuff for 3 days.
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  12. So many good recommendations. Thanks again all!

    With my crazy upcoming travel schedule as the Assistant Director of CCA Washington (you should totally join btw...) I'm going to have book this lesson soon.

    The great part of my job will be seeing new water all over our state. I've never been to the OP and I can't wait to visit our chapter in Sequim. I'm sure I'll meet some of our CCA/WFF members in the near future too... and I'll hopefully fish with them!
  13. I'd guess that you're pretty close on the weight in that 12 to 14 pounds range. The wrist of the tail seems to pull toward the low end of your range, but that deep girth pushes toward the upper. Regardless, it's a beautiful fish and a whole lot nicer than anything I've caught in a while.
  14. Yeah. I was really confused by this fish. It had, to be frank, a small tail. I've caught 7 lb Hatchery Steelhead with bigger tails on em.

    This guy had some scarring (high seas gill net or seal?) near the base of his tail (a few inches forward) and I wonder if that stunted the development of it's tail? Who knows... At first I thought it was a hatchery but that's a big adipose and no other fins/maxillary were clipped.

    It was caught pretty low on this river (below the hatchery that the hatchery fish stop at) and from what I know, most wild fish are passed above the hatchery... I figured that a fish that a wild fish would jet upstream a ways further before coloring up to that degree?

    Let's just say that the rear on this fish sure didn't match its shoulders!
  15. I checked the pics again. Sure, it has some color, but bucks will color up a lot faster than hens. And, as far as jetting up, I've given up trying to solve every anomaly with these fish. Every time I decide I've figured out a hard-and-fast rule, the next fish I catch breaks it.

    I now ascribe to the wisdom of great outdoorsmen like Rancid Crabtree who says things like: "The best time to fish is when it's rainin' and when it ain't" and "Steelhead are where you find them." Though, I'm not sure that last is actually one of his.
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  16. go to the flyfishing shop in welches OR and talk to travis or mark they have some great on the river classes. and nice fish
  17. Why'd you take down the goods?
  18. it was requested by a friend... I'll get one soon and there will be new goods. I promise. ;)

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