Hobo Spey Variation

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jergens, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. I noticed a couple requests on the board for tying instructions and no one responding, and have also been enjoying the tutorials that marty has been doing on speypages, so thought i would give it a try. I originally saw the hobo this summer when i was out in motnana, in the solitude catalog. I kept thinking about steelhead, and this fly did not help the sickness. I changed the fly by adding the mylar rib, and switched the colors around. i really like this style of fly because it is a good halfway point between a full size intruder and a classic style spey wing. tied on a shank it also has a good amount of weight, yet is bery easy to throw because of the materials.

    Shank:25mm waddington
    Hook: #2 Owner SSW
    Tag: Blue Angora Goat (1/4 body)
    Body: Black Angora Goat
    Rib: Silver Mylar
    Palmered Hackle: Blue Guinea
    Feelers: Blue Lady Amherst
    Front Hackle: Black Marabou

    Begin by attaching your trailing hook to the shank, make sure to tie on and double back with your attaching material.
    Make a small dubbing loop with blue goat and wrap a little less than 1/4 of shank for tag
    Attach silver mylar and blue guniea, one half stripped, tip first.
    start a large dubbing loop with black goat and wrap forward
    Wrap mylar forward, 3 wraps looks best to me
    Palmer Guinea forward
    Attach lady amherst, 3 fibers each side
    Attach marabou feather, tip first, with one half stripped
    Wrap marabou forward, about 5 turns, whip finish, head cement.
    Swing, Set, Bonk, Enjoy!

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  2. NICE!!!

    Thanks for sharing.
  3. Thanks Joe VERY nice tie!!:thumb:
  4. Great Job Joe, had to look at the other website Marty is on, WOW Marty, my humble fingers will be put to use.
  5. Nice tie Joe!!

    He does some amazing work on his ties! Very good work! :thumb:
  6. jergens your a bad man!
  7. Great tie and nice tutorial! I kinda like the color combination, too.
  8. Thanks Guys,

    Daryle- marty's stuff is out of this world, the ties and the quality are unbelievable.
    Jon- yeah, just trying the black/blue out, you had any luck with the combo? ;)
  9. Jergens that's a cool tie man! What do you think of putting the Lady am. on last so it shows a bit better out from under the black maribu?
    Great looking fly, thanks for posting!
  10. Nice Tie Joe!

    Do you use a "target" on all your flies?
  11. Fishmhard- ive tied some like that as well, i think the fly looks smoother with the am under the marabou, but it looks good the way you suggested as well, and more importantly, steelhead don't care.

    Tall- what do you mean by target?
  12. Joe, awesome pattern, photos and tying sequence. Beginers like me really appreciate a pattern broken down like that so that I can better understand the order of tying in and follow it. After a few tries I think I can make this fly look pretty nice. Although I don't have any angora, I do have some rabbit and synthetics in the right colors so I'll try my hand with this pattern soon. Thank you again.
  13. Joe, Some tyers refer to a conrasting ball of dubbing on the back end of a fly a "target". It gives the fish something to zero in on when they are following etc.
  14. Tall- thats what i figured. i dont tie all of them like that, but that technique somehow keeps ending up in more and more of my ties.
  15. Thank you for this post, photos and instructions. I'll be tying a few for a February trip to the Umpqua.
  16. I like the am further back on the fly to get a little more length, but I don't think it matters to the fish.
  17. Neil, I actually tie the Ameherst on last now, and also add a few strands of flashabou wing style on top, more like the original, but as stated initially, fish don't care.
  18. very nice! I like the color combo!

    Thanks for the tutorial!

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