Hoh River

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  1. DSC02825.JPG DSC02826.jpg DSC02831 - Version 2.jpg A few photos I took of the Hoh River in December last year. I didn't post the pictures then because I had misplaced them and just recovered them now. The first two are the Hoh at its source. A "holy" place to be sure.
    Photographed from a Super Cub.
    PS Photo quality not the greatest. There was a haze and IT WAS COLD. No way I was going to open the window.
    PPS I've added a photo from the ground from a different trip.
    J DSC02463.JPG
  2. Not saying that it takes place in the Hoh watershed, but these photos are self-evident as to the potential effects of careless watershed logging in general.

    Beautiful photos, by the way, thanks.
  3. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these pics of the Hoh. Love what a little different perspective will do.
  4. Great shots Jack!!! Love the Hoh, one of my favorites.
  5. Last time I was there we were hauling my 4 year old son who is now almost 24. Nice area for sure.
  6. I would like to know what Mr. Bean has to do with aerial photographs of the Hoh River.???????
  7. Nothing, or rather nothing and everything. The quote is in my signature line. Oh and it would be Rowan Atkinson not Mr. Bean...
  8. :):)I laughed when I clicked on your quotes and up popped Mr. Bean/Rowan Atkinson.

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