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  1. If I would have caught a 30 lbs steelhead, and it was kegal to catch it, I would have killed it. If the f'n indians can gill net millions of fish, why can't I have my once in a lifetime fish? Is it cool to keep a 26.5 lbs. fish? I'm with Shawn K, If have a problem with it see the WDFW.
  2. This is the mentality that is pushing these fish to near extinction. It's not cool to keep any native steelhead, regardless of weight. The "Gotta get mine" mentality....:beathead:
  3. Wow, the tribes are catching millions of steelhead. Show me the way to this golden valhalla watershed.

    Exaggerate much?
  4. Can't agree more ... that's the way to kill the good ones.
  5. I think a better use of time rather than to bitch about one dead fish is to try to make it illegal to sell steelhead anywhere. Hell Alaska did that (and made SEAK no bait in freshwater) and we are famous for bonking fish over the head here, and have pretty healthy runs of steelhead

    It baffles my mind that it is legal to sell a endangered subsistence caught fish in Washington.
  6. That monster steelhead from the Hoh was taken legally as far as I know. Any ethical rationale for killing it are mute. What is needed is to get that one wild fish off of the kill list. With the state of our steelhead there is simply no reason to have a punch available for a single wild fish.
    Just my 2-cents,
  7. Les,

    You nailed it! There ought to be madatory wild steelhead release on all our WA State rivers. Friends of mine who live in Port Angeles have told me the shear number of people fishing the Hoh since that fished was bonked and publicized is unreal. Apparently, there are a lot of folks who have a need to go and get one to have their own bragging rights.

    To those of you who have a need to bonk wild steelhead I have a simple question: Why isn't it good enough to simply be out on the river fishing and if you are fortunate enough to catch a wild steelhead (regardless of its size) release it so it can continue on and spawn. Afterall, it is called sportfishing, not meat or subsidence fishing. Do any of us sportsfishers really need to eat the wild fish we catch in order not to starve?
  8. Plenty of hatchery fish in rivers, open water and lakes last I looked, great point as always FT.
  9. At least you could spell legal correctly if you say stupid %^&*.
  10. All this negative sentiment is making me think of the Striper world record. It's too bad he killed the fish, but it was his choice and it sounds like the fish was caught legally and ethically. It seems like a law change is in order and maybe this will bring it about. I just hope things don't get too negative for him. If you haven't heard the story on the striper, check out this link
  11. I hope you know a bunch of east aisan politicans then. :rofl: If it is illegal to sell them in the states, the tribes will just rip out the eggs and sell them overseas.

    Hey, any one want to take bets on the humpy egg market this year? Do yall think it'll beat the chum egg market from this year?


    BTW, congrats to the guy who caught the fish, and WTF to everyone screaming about him bonking it. I'd be willing to wager 70% of you screaming have never caught a wild steelhead, not by choice either mind you and the other 30% have killed as many or more than the new record holder due to C&R mortality. Actually, my paranoia tells me that 5% of you are asholes from PETA who have never caught a fish and are just here to stir krap up.

    Shit happens, sometimes even the best of em hook a fish in the gill. Just because the hook was in the fishes mouth when it was landed in no way means he didn't rip some gill setting the hook. It's not that uncommon. That was a big fish with a big mouth and big gills. If it took him more than 15 min to land the fish, it is entirely possible that it was already close to bled out by the time it hit the gravel bar. That would explain the lack of gushing blood in the pics.

    Next time you catch a hatchery brat. Bonk it on the head and rip a couple gills. Start your watch. It doesn't take long to bleed them out.

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