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  1. I'm heading out to the op for an extended weekend trip, I'm going to be arriving in the dark so was trying to plan a drift in advance. What launches are usable for a takeout? I'm planning on launching from Allen's bar but where is the best take out? Last time I was out there G&L was a cliff and the one at the bottom (barlows?) had a tree down.
  2. Hope you have a winch!
  3. Take out at G&L...make sure that you have a truck...most cars don't have enough ground clearance.

    Good luck,
  4. I've got a jeep 4x4 and just the manual winch on the boat trailer. I'm going Friday.
  5. Right, G&L has some deepish pond-puddles but will be doable in your jeep. Barlows--the launch below G&L and last takeout--is less than fun. There is a large cut bank (5+ft, levels depending) that you need to winch the boat up to. The side channel that the launch is on seems to get a little smaller with every flood, and often requires pushing and shoving at fly-fishable flows. All of this is to say that Allens to G&L is a good option :).

    Have fun!

  6. Puddles I can deal with, I was trying to avoid winching the boat up a high bank. Thanks for the info.
  7. See you in the clusterfuck!
  8. G and L is it,,,Cotonwood is basically undoable right now.
  9. Dude it's already crowded! Looks like march out here...
  11. Wait a GD minute -- I thought we just exhausted 8 pages of thread and agreed to stop fishing for steelhead. What the hells this I'm hearing "its crowded over there"...you guys better be bird watching!
  12. Just talked to a buddy who's on foot out there, and he said it's a zoo.

    Forks is the new Cowlitz!
  13. Many years ago, the Green was the Cowlitiz...pretty soon we'll either start running out of rivers. Still irritating that people are ignoring the memo!
  14. I can confirm his observation. A constant stream of boats, and foot-traffic into spots I rarely see anybody. I thought the somewhat marginal weather conditions on the way out would deter some traffic (saw a few vehicles with drift boats turning around), but the masses were indeed out in force. I relocated to a less popular location and found some peace and quiet and was able to get some quality casting practice in.

    Granted, I haven't been fishing the Forks area rivers for as long as many people here, but the increasing pressure over the past couple of years is blatantly noticeable and a bit disconcerting. There is no other place to relocate the horde once these rivers are decimated...
  15. BOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  16. It could be worse.... 'cause it would suck if sleds were powering up and down those rivers all day!
  17. "....relocate the horde..." :bawling::"...relocate the horde..." :p"...relocate the horde...":hmmm: YOU CANNOT "RELOCATE THE HORDE!!!!" :beathead: It just continues to expand like the blob that devoured Cleveland. :beer1:
  18. I've heard some say that those rivers will forever remain sled-free, since there might be some folks with cutting torches who would take exception to any sled trailers in the take-out parking. I wouldn't see anything! :thumb:


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