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    The mere fact that this element exists proves that the path to any real progress is going to be a long and frustrating one.
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    Right on pal. Keep on posturing...you're clearly driving your point home with your well articulated statements.
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    I own quite a few boats - a 17' sled, raft, watermaster, kayak, etc etc. I love 'em all and enjoy taking them fishing.

    And I agree with and would support the "no fishing from a boat" ban on the Hoh. Just like I would for other overpressured rivers with wild fish, especially smaller waters like the Klickitat.

    Boats have their place, but on rivers like this they should only be used for transportation.

    Yeah, I probably don't catch a lot of fish. And I"m guessing there's no spirit name for morons either.


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    Benjy, personally I agree with you. But generally when you are trying to negotiate with someone its by offering them something they don't all ready have. We all ready have good fishing (for the moment). I was thinking if you wanted to get peoples attention to offer support for other fisheries projects that are in the works and highly valued in the area. Some thoughts, help support a limited entry guide license system, help support the relocation of the brood stock program to the Bogie, the new fall king program...and on and on. These would just be steps to gaining trust locally. I think an awesome first step might be to adopt a boat ramp, go in with a group and pay a local company to repair a DNR boat slide twice a year.(Right now a lot of this repair work is done by volunteers, like myself, with picks and shovels) It would help demonstrate you want to help and have some interest in meeting people and staying in for the long haul.
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    A regulation prohibiting fishing from a boat in the sections of Olympic Peninsula rivers where selective gears rules are in effect sounds reasonable to me Anyhow, that is my 2 cents on the matter.
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    JIM KERR for president,,,,smooth and non conflicting, unlike other guides who speak with a sledge hammer,,,:)
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  8. Dustin Bise Active Member

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    To the folks that fish the hoh OFTEN.

    When i fished it after xmas I saw only 1 person and 1 rig on the entire river. Is the area in fact becoming crowded, or is it just not as empty as normal.

    I suppose i you want to talk about crowding the hoh river, we should look to our own groups. I seem to recall having about 20 of us at oxbow at a time.. Its like 90 percent of the campground :p

    Good luck with the runoff guys. Hope the rivers come back into shape fast.
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    Well, nobody on this board spends more time out there than Mr. Kerr. And during winter steelhead season, you're probably in a close second. The two of you have quite the authority on the topic as far as I'm concerned.
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    Until you remove yourself from the problem, you are the problem.... you over educated monkees get that?? Hippo grits!!!!!!!!!!!!And Brian, I like your lil innuendo:) see ya on the river....
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  12. bhudda heffe'

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    When I see this topic on PP or bloodydecks,etc... then I know your serious, you'll actually be addressing the folks who you feel need to change their ways....yeah right:) ...better yet,stay here on WFF, and keep the dream alive,you'd get crushed over there!!!
    Dustin,save that popcorn, those 2 aren't worth the energy to pop it:)

    Here's a proposal, no wading in the river, it destroys redds...... you don't think that impacts fish ? What do I know:)
    I roll with change pretty well, tell me I can't do something , while you get your selfish way, we got problems...
  13. PT Physhicist

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    Please don't assume you are speaking for the majority on this or any issue. Others may have a different opinion, and just because you disagree, it doesn't mean you're right.
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    Your attitude as a general representation of the population is exactly why any efforts at saving these fish has failed. Placing the blame on someone else and an unwillingness to bend even a little bit. No one is telling you to quit fishing gear or nymph fishing or whatever it is you do. All anyone is saying is that the fish need a refuge of some sort.
  15. Chris Bellows The Thought Train

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    I own a boat.
    I do not fish from my boat.
    I support a ban on fishing from boats in sections, great idea!
    I catch steelhead!
  17. Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

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    Buddha's posts are filled with emotion and the perspective most gear fishermen would have. In fact they would probably voice their opposition with the vigor that he has here.

    Since a boat fishing ban would have very little if any positive effect, why the hell would you alienate gear fishermen for it? You lose potential allies and gain little or nothing, conservation wise.

    If you want refuges, close sections to everyone. Don't just tell those who like to fish out of their boats they can't fish the way they like while you get to fish how you like. This is especially true if you and the fish gain nothing doing it.

    Right on with post #111.

    Go Red Sox,
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    I take back everything I said!!! Lets have a designated resting area for fish, toilets,coffee, flat screen TV's, the works!! Right,I mean come on, what self respecting fish would want to leave that corona commercial :) , over heard at the water cooler ( section 2- closed to fishing from watercraft)," hey, I wouldn't swim up section3, they got plugs out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Attack please explain what's actually failed??? Your pipe dream... an initiative i missed, help me, cuz in not seeing it, further more I don't support shit that excludes others period, you want people on board, give them a reason or stop spewwing fecal out your mouth:)

    Bhudda- the" I wanna cock block" guy
  19. bhudda heffe'

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    Charles, thank you for your understanding of the world better then some here!! Its refreshing:) carry on.........
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    i take back everything ive said, all the shit that has come from my mouth. we should all hook as many fish as possible because it has absolutely no impact on the fishery. rape and pillage away!