Hohdown, March 19

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by jeff bandy, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. How is that "It's not about how many posts you have. It's about how you post." thing working out for you?
  2. That post is good. It has a lot of information. (shitty weather) I'm staying on topic. (Hoh/Shitty weather)And I'm imparting my feeling on the subject.(SHITTY)

    Good post I say.
  3. Okay, so I'm a little calmer now. Have no idea what I'm doing. But one thing figured out. I won't be heading to the Hoh tomorrow. Going to stick around for a few days and figure this out.
  4. Jeff, i nominate you for a "TEAM RUGGED" patch, not many given out in like say.... 6 years. Very prestigious and well earned they dont come easy... you have the HUNGER!! GO WITH IT, IT WILL FISH.........they move, you move, besides wwjdd=he'd go:)right jd!
  5. uuuhp! now i revoke my nomination:)

    i was responding to your other thread when you had clarity, ambition and hunger.. j/k ya Jeff
  6. go fish the upper s.d., should be just fine...
  7. I suggest a wait and see posture right now. Cowlitz is not part of my contingency plan. Let's see what the flows do. As for those ready to map out the Plan B to the Cowlitz, strongly suggest a thread to get that rolling and add the necessary spit and polish to the plan. If I don't end up where you end up, I'll miss some of you mugs a bunch! You know who you are!
  8. Well, If I left tomorrow for the Hoh it would be towing the driftboat behind the motorhome. Can't walk/fish anything with this shit. I'd be setting there for the foreseeable future with nothing to do.
  9. Upper S.D. check the flows. It's toast.
  10. It can still be a Hohdown, but the weather is in control, not us. Because of the logistics, investment, and Jerry's cooking time commitment, it just seemed logical to try and plan a contingency. Camping at Blue Ck is feasible, but the campfire ban does suck. But if Jerry says no to the Barrier Campground, I'm following his lead.

    Jeff, use your schedule to be flexible. We certainly want to meet up on the Hoh, but if it's blown with no chance of coming in, we are best served by having a realistic alternative. As much fun as socializing and eating great food is, it would sure be nice to do some fishing as well.

  11. Did I hear right. Woke up this AM to a weather alert (this app has been very accurate) that has a tsunami advisory for Forks. WTF???
  12. Nodown for the Hohdown?
  13. I'd say stay away from the Upper Duc this time of year. Those fish are spawning up there. It'd be a gravel rape fest.
  14. Ok I say we make the call on Tuesday. As of right now the Hoh is dropping. That'll give it 4 days. Id much rather fish the Hoh personally then the Cow (I've loathed that river for years) and have always made a yearly trip around time of Hoh Down. So any of you guys debating going for troot on da Yak hold your ponies. ;)
  15. Sounds good sir. I would opt out of a Yak trip as I don't even own trout gear. If things just don't end up working out, we'll need to figure out a plan for the three kegs of beer since a few members here pitched in a few bucks to help pay for the ingredients/making of them.
  16. wow, the Hoh dropped more than I would have expected just overnight. Let's hope this keeps up!
  17. in my experience the hoh usually drops fast. plus...we can hit others up there, should the hoh flows not be to our liking. not ready to throw in the towel!
  18. Evan I already got some info on some running to the Yak if Hoh is out not wanting to fish the Cow. With Hoh dropping like it is we may be in luck. Why I say give it a few days.

    I will be doing food buy on Thursday. So if you opt out let me know by Wednesday and I will refund money (or take checks and destroy since I haven't cashed yet).
  19. I was planning on heading over there today until the flows shot up like that. I talked to some buddies that were over there this week and they said everything is definitely gone for right now. The weather predictions are for more rain this weekend...but then hopefully it will let off starting Monday and maybe things will drop back into shape by Thursday. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

  20. Wherever we want to take this party, I'm down. My ordered preference, Hoh, Yak, Cow I'm just looking forward to some fishing, 5 days off work and some campfire BS

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