Hohdown, March 19

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by jeff bandy, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. iagree

    I sincerely hope that things work out for you guys for the 2011 Hoh Down.
  2. Jeff Bandy....you need to clear out some space in your PM's.
  3. As of this morning, I'm becoming substantially more optimistic.
  4. I agree with Jerry, make the call next Tuesday. Its jumping the gun otherwise, too much can happen to the flow. I also like Salmo G's backup plan should the coastal rivers be unfishable.
  5. JMS, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom.
  6. JMS is a badass, and one of my favorite people.
  7. Fish that do come in a bit earlier tend to do their thing in the upper sections of most rivers. But, just to be clear, the later fish mostly spawn in the lower portions of the rivers. Just saying that there will probably be better numbers at this time of year than say Jan-Feb but most of the fish at this time will be spawning in the middle to lower sections of the river. Most of the fish in the upper sections are probably done and gone by this time. Either way, you're fishing over potential spawning grounds.
  8. If anyone wants to borrow my WM let me know. You'd just have to pick it up at my place.
  9. Drop Baby Drop!!!!

  10. WTF guess I should follow things on this closely. Glad I tuned in. Do not care where we fish as long as I fish. I am in for Yak or Hoh either way its time away from work.
  11. think with the utmost positivity and cash in any brownie pts you have with the big man...wez gonna need it
  12. Yeah, I just had a conversation with my lord and savior Freyr. He told me don't hold my breath.
  13. Won't be able to make it, did a dumb shit move when the snow came (thought I get some great snow pics at night so grabbed the handy P & S to head outside barefoot, did a 180 on my left hip) then took another fall the a couple of days later. Been using a walker for the last two weeks, the Canadian Club helps ease the pain.

  14. Daryle, sorry to hear about your fall from glory. Hope the walker isn't permanent. Maybe next year.
  15. This is a heads up for all of you. I've been going back and forth on this. I've done a yearly trip on the Hoh at this time (usually the last week of March/first week of April) every year with my Dad since 1979. With his illness I opted to move it back to fit whatever week the Hoh Down was. I'm not a trout fisherman unless I'm with my PHWFF soldiers. I do the Cow on day or weekend trips. I can't burn up my last 2 floaters to fish the Cow or Yak. I truly enjoy cooking but I hope you all realize I don't come to these just to cook. I've always been a camp cook since I was 10 and its easy for me. So if the Hoh blows out and is still blown out as of Tuesday I will immediately start refunding payments via paypal. There's nothing that'll change my mind on this. I have a special love for fishing the Hoh this time of year. I will probably head over on my vacation at end of March with my son if river is back in shape.

    On a lighter note if by a miracle the river starts dropping and looks like it'll be around 2500 cfs Thursday I will proceed as planned. Getting gear ready this weekend and staged to load Wednesday night and do buy up of foods Thursday morning. Will delay my arrival Thursday but what I'm cooking won't take long anyways. I'm still a go for the Hoh if she's fishable. But my trip was the Hoh Down and I'm not settling. Just won't be the same for me.

  16. No worries Jerry. I'm right there with you. I have enough funds to make ONE MORE trip for the winter steelhead season. I can't spend that money going anywhere but some place I really want to be, with good conditions. If things don't work out, anyone who paid me money for the beers should contact me and we'll work something out. Since the beers have been made and have been paid for, I don't have extra money to send back to people. But I can borrow a counter-pressure bottle filler from my buddy and bottle up some brews for the donaters.
  17. We did a trade Evan but I'd love to pay you for some brew to help offset your costs IF the Hoh blows out.
  18. "if by a miracle the river starts dropping and looks like it'll be around 2500 cfs Thursday I will proceed as planned."

    How about 3500 cfs and on the drop? 2700 is the March average since 61.

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