Hohdown, March 19

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by jeff bandy, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Jeff that's the average. They've had some HUGE floods in March. Throws average off. We're talking flyfishing and 3500 is some heavy water. 2500 is where its coming into shape. Id be game at 3000 and dropping. 3500 is pushing it.
  2. Still dropping a bit. Still watching the weather. Still making sacrifices to the fishing and weather gods. If any of you are missing small animals, I'm sorry. I really need this river to drop into shape. One must do what one must do.
  3. I will be praying to the weather gods all day tomorrow. I think that will be the make or break day. But then again Monday also doesn't look good. I really hope they are off on this one. I wonder where the neighborhood chickens are? Time for some old fashioned shit.
  4. Jeff and I spoke today. I'm making preparations to jinx myself. Let's pray it pays off. I also sacrificed a beloved Fenwick to the River Gods. Let's pray they accept my offering!
  5. If jinx works I may not be able to make Bacon Bomb. Long story why. But I'm sacrificing A LOT on my nerves to get this river down. Ed I'm in same boat. I really need this river in too.

    BTW my weather reports are changing for the better. :)
  6. It is easy for them to just always predict rain in forks.
  7. Jerry, I fully understand why the Hoh is so special to you. I have not nearly earned the deep seated reasons, it is special to me because it is just flat out fantastic place to spend time with friends on the water. If not now, I'll get out there when I can. I've had the luck of being out there a few days already. I'm still saying my prayers and doing some other things that can't really be typed for public consumption...but if they work for the river then they are well worth it.
  8. Well, if people want to bag it this year for the Yak, I'm all for it. I still have my week coming up to put a few days in (who needs to do chores around the farm anyways?).

    Now, if people want to cash out now, let me know now. You can do it via PM. Then I'll go to paypal and send you cash back (or if you did a check, will just burn it). I've spent no money yet, so I'm out nothing.
  9. A good part of what I've been looking forward to is your fabulous cooking, Jerry. Ever since that first bite of rib eye two years ago I've wanted more. I just can't stand the thought of it being three years in between your rib eye perfection!! I had a good excuse last year (my first child was born March 25th), but this year all those months of salivating might be for not. Couple that with all the amazing beer that will (I hope) be there, I would go to whatever river you feel so called to. If that will only be the Hoh, then so be it. If it is not to be this year, then I will just have to wait.
    I still might go and play come hell and high water since I took time off work and have the hall pass, but as with most things, we'll just wait and see....
  10. i have been staring at graphs and charts for the past 3 days and the fuckers keep changing. One day 100% chance of rain, the next...wellllll....flip a coin at the percentage of rain.

    I have come to this conclusion. Fuck it. Im going. What will be, will be. I might just go on twilight tours and stare at the ocean. But somethings going to come into shape if I have to swing chocolate milk.
  11. LOL Jmills. I'm glad to see some of the changes in the graphs (river levels) and weather reports. I'm just playing it by ear. We've already had a few guys make alternate plans. But I'm not going there for beachcombing or twilight. LOL. But after the storms could find some nice glass floats. :)
  12. [​IMG]

    At 5190 and climbing. Came up 1100cfs in just a few hours. So as of right now, on my end, I'm calling the Hoh Down a wash. No way it'll be in shape at this point by Thursday. I know alot of guys are already fleeing to other rivers (which sound like they are possibly blowing out too). So I'll start refunding monies to those who paid tonight. Sucks, but it is what it is. Isn't my first Hoh trip that has washed out (it's my second one this year already in fact).

    So if you paid for food, I'll put up another post in the food thread if you want details on reimbursement.
  13. Pour one out. The Hohdown is no more.....
  14. Did you just piss in a bottle and dump it?
  15. It's a Hohdowner.
  16. Omak here we come?

    Ira.. Stillwaters rarely blow.
  17. Really, ever heard of wind.:rofl:
  18. Screw It all! Next year lets pick soome better days
  19. It's not better days Matt, it's just luck of the draw. You're talking coming spring in the rainforest. Some days you get a ton of rain, some days you get none. Just so happens this year we got a ton. :(

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