Hohdown, March 19

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  1. fished the hoh yesterday and got my ass kicked, maybe i'll have more luck with a big group of random, intoxicated people. count me in. I plan on showing up thursday evening with good whiskey, a bunch of bear meat, and an 8wt rod. Would love to have a seat in a boat in that's possible.
  2. Nick, I've always got my ass kicked by that river. The Hoh Down is the consolation prize. Once you've had Jerry's eats, and chugged down some beer things are OK in the world again.
  3. Ah good. The flood washed out the wall. There was actually a drop off and a small dirt wall. In the pic that wall looks washed away. Which would make it a tad easier to do a take out. I'm all for launching in weird places. Its the takeout that I prefer to just load and go.
  4. My raft will do just fine there
  5. Ive never floated the Hoh, can I do it in my scadden 9 foot toon?
  6. No problem. Guys do it in watermasters. If you haven't floated it before, you should go with someone who has. Follow them down. Mumbles did this in his small toon and it worked out fine.
  7. Yup, followed Jeff Bandy, a very skilled oarsman, and learned a lot about myself, my craft, reading lines, good prep work. There were a couple of guys there in 8' boats. I had a 9' boat and at least two other guys in 9' boats were there. A 9' boat should be a great craft for that river. Water Masters, Scadden river boats, similar craft all would excel on the Hoh. Easy to pick a good line, maneuverable in tight spots and when in doubt, a small boat is easy to line through anywhere you are not ready to row.
  8. Sweet. I have put a lot of hours into rowing the toon on rivers, but I have only really floated easy rivers like the NF Stilly and the Kettle and parts of the Nooksack
  9. The Hoh is an easy float with the exception of the Oxbow. Other than that, it's just a matter of taking the right braid at each split.
  10. About 300 yards below the Park Line put in you'll run into this. It's a complete blockage of the river. You can portage but you might want to have more than 2 of you if you're in a DB or raft.
  11. PT, thanks for the heads up. Hope it's gone in a month.
  12. Just a heads up. Figured I'd post this up on both. We are in the T minus 1 month range for food buy in. So if you want in you may want to signup on the Hohdown food thread and get payment info. I'm not taking drop ins at the event. Have to be signed up and paid. :)
  13. Also: We're going to have several kegs of homebrew on tap at the camp, but anyone who plans to drink themselves stupid every night needs to bring supplementary beer (or near beer if you prefer it taste like water). I just ask that everyone limit themselves when drinking the stuff that Matt, Jason and I took the time to make. There's only so much of it, and I'd hate to see my aged imperial stout and winter warmer being downed by someone who's so sloshed they can't stand up.
  14. I see anyone puke up some of the homebrew and I'll make them redrink it!!!
  15. I like to start on good beer and finish on the crap beer when I am too sloshed to stand.
  16. Let the chuggers drink PBR. They won't know the difference anyway. I respect your beer too much Evan to abuse it. I'll have my camp kit stemware to drink your home brew from to complement the good grub Jerry is cooking up!

  17. Nice! Get the radish to take pictures when you do it.
  18. Few things show more respect for the beer than a proper glass :beer2:
  19. My beer list includes cascadian dark ale, ipa, and a pale ale. 5 gallons each. Six tap jockey box is in hand.
  20. Our lineups complement each end of the beer spectrum nicely! You got the hops, I got the malt:

    "Big Black Hoh" Imperial Stout
    "Bacon Bomb" Porter
    "Hohdown 2011" Winter Warmer

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