Hoko river

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  1. Goin out to the Hoko tomorrow for the first time anybody got any tips? any advice on Hiking the first east side of the river logging road versus the further down west side of the river logging road? is one hike better than the other?
  2. I have no idea, but look forward to your post outing impression.
  3. Not worth your time
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  4. Unfortunately I'd agree.
  5. i agree as well, nice hike though!
  6. Anytime out on a river is a good time. Remember, even a blind monkey finds a bannana once in a while. Good luck on you adventure.
  7. Not easy access and not too friendly locals. Put an NRA sticker on your rig and maybe pick up a license plate frame from one of the auto dealerships in PA.

    Good luck!

  8. umm that's every river in the state at the moment..
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  9. Touche
  10. Looks like it was running a little high too...
  11. Israel Keyes, the local serial killer, used to do his hunting on the hoko trails.
  12. Isn't there anything that you are not afraid of?
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  13. Floating at night on the klick with a broken oar ;)
  14. Just because you did it and came out okay doesn't mean you were not scared!
  15. I have done ok on the Hoko, but I've been skunked many times.
    The locals are definitely an "interesting" bunch

    Bring booze and weed as bribes for good behavior
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  16. Meth won't hurt either, though no promises on good behavior after bribing or not getting stabbed if they think you have more

  17. Sarcasm noted, but there are places where the OP residents are certainly an "eclectic" lot. Example...we owned property with a small cabin outside Shelton. One weekend we went to visit...and it was gone.

    The whole frigging cabin.

    They did leave the outhouse. And the empty propane tank. But the cabin was just a bare spot on the ground.
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  18. those are the fishing guides.... ;)
  19. SOP, You shouldn't dig on Compton like that, there are some good folks there.
    I probably shouldn't be posting this while I am driving, I might spill my drink.
  20. Got plenty of meth and summer runs over here!

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