Holding Your Rod In Your Teeth, Etc., For Photos.

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  1. I've always wondered why some folks seem to take such offense if someone poses for a pic with a fish and grips their rod in their teeth or balances it on their neck/shoulders. Who is it hurting? Why is it such a faux pas? Maybe folks just want to have their rod in the picture?

    I noticed that a fly gear company was recently running a photo contest. One of the rules was that you couldn't submit a photo for entry in the contest of you were posing in the pic in any of the ways mentioned above. Why? Again, who does it hurt? This contest was for folks that had caught fish using their gear. Don't you think they would want their merchandise on display?

  2. Teeth or gum marks in the flor-grade reelseat might, and I say might judiciously, possible hurt the resale value of the rod. And you can't look happy, as per another rule "suggestion", if you have the rod in your mouth, now, can you?

  3. cork in the mouth is preferable to the super-serious zoolander poses so common now.
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  4. ...just another little pissy rule made up by some PC zealot desperately in need of a life. Jeez-what next?
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  5. I almost exclusively fish alone. I'm going to try the "don't look at my boobs/fish/fly rod" selfie all my Facebook friends are doing.
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  6. I don't care where you place your rod, or what you put into your mouth. Fish on! Seems like I see some negative comments about cork between the teeth from time to time, but to ban it in a contest's rules is odd.
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  7. The only time I had pic's of me with the fly rod between my teeth was when we were in AK. (see gallery) That was because of the huge amount of sand and silt present and I did not want that crap inside any of my reels. Sometimes it just might be necessary.

  8. It's becoming commonplace with a few companies to request this. With Allen, it's not against the rules, but we advise against it for the best chance at winning. I personally just think it looks tacky and can ruin an otherwise good photo. In our contests, the few times a corksucker won the contest, there was quite a protest from the peanut gallery. So we just advise to try some other poses. Rod over the shoulder is just fine in my book, though.
  9. I'm just glad I'M a mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, toothless heathen, so I don't have to care about what any "ELITIST FLY FISHER" thinks or says!
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  10. i do not understand banning it, as you can just decide not to allow it as a winning photo internally. seems like the marketing departments need a remedial customer service / marketing course.

    as an "elitist" i'm just pissed i have to add cork-biters to my hate list ;)
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  11. My friend John demonstrates how to properly pose for a fish photo. Notice the confident smile, the correct holding hand pinky finger placement, and the prominent display of rod and reel. No cork biting here.

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  12. Not bad. This here is more my approach:
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  13. I have been working on a new headstand pose. I intend to post my photos on the internet. And if any of you elitist tweed fly fishers even think about making a mean comment, I will throw a fit and demand you take it back.

    There isn't much more serious than a man holding a fish, with a cork in his mouth.
  14. I stopped putting my rod in my mouth after noticing my grillz were scratching the finish.
  15. I was going to post this up but you beat me to it. Funny shit.
  16. I've somehow avoided making any wise ass comments about toothing your own rod but just wanted to add this was a timely thread. Our new yellow lab puppy tried to grip the GF's rod in her mouth yesterday....I'll be calling Redington in a few minutes to see if I can buy a new top section.
  17. Personally, I don't care if you hold the rod in your mouth or not. However, I won't take a hero shot of you if you are doing so because I think it looks downright silly. I've taken a lot of hero shot photos for publication and not one of the paper of electronic publishers would accept rod in teeth shots.

    Each to their own. Art directors think it looks silly, same as I. And they make the rules for competitions and publications. For your own photo albums, be my guest. I've heard some high end rod companies are now offering a tooth guard on the rod shaft as an option for those who are into the teeth grip hero shots :D
  18. Amen to that!
  19. Forgive my ignorance here, but what is the criteria for a "hero shot"?

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