Holiday face to face fly swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. I know it is early but they are coming and lets face it some of us spend more time on here than with our families
    So why not get together trade some flies and see some people demo their favorite patterns, raise a glass of holiday cheer, have some food,smoke a stoggie,
    what the hell bring the family too
    like a WFF holiday get together...

    we all get busy that time of year so lets start now
    I know I like the holidays because they are a day off I can go fishing
    winter steelhead
    the most wonderful time of the year

    I was thinking 20 tiers
    ten flies each
    five of your favorite pattern to tie
    5 of the one you catch the most fish on
    exchange five of each pattern with two other people
    or some kinda secret fly fishing santa thing

    event will be held at All About The Fly

    Flies are due Saturday December 4th
    location will be All About the Fly 212 East Main Street Monroe WA 98296

    who's in ?

    6-Mumbles ( to be voted out of the swap at a later date)
    7- Colton Rogers
    8- Paul Norton
    10-Steve Saville
    12-Eric Tarcha
    13- Islander- Camo Careys and Lady in Red
    14- Richard Torres
    15- david.schepers
  2. Great idea. Maybe we can go out and eat or perhaps a pot luck or something like that. Food, drinking a little, fun and tying.
  3. I'm interested and can ask my friend the fly shop owner if we could do this at his place! Count me in!
  4. Kelvin,

    Are you thinking along the lines of a "white elephant" exchange?

    Now that would be interesting...
  5. I'm down fer a swap. Count me in! Already got a red-n-green bug to trade, damn thing won't catch any fish.bawling:
  6. that would be great
    I get you a cigar
  7. Not really white elephant unless thats a fly you tie...
    more along the lines of your favorite fly to tie and you can demo it for us
    and the fly you you catch the most fish on
    if they are one and the same tie 10 of them
    If not tie 5 of one
    and 5 of the other

    you in?
    then one person in the swap will get one set of 5
    and another person will get the other five
    that way we can have 20 or more people in the swap and each of us only ties 10 flies
  8. i am in! perhaps I can bring a little something something to snack on! :)
  9. Sweet! That'll work!
  10. Kelvin, tentatively interested base on date/time/location. It does not have to be close to me, just has to fall on a favorable date. Great idea! I don't even mind that Flybill will be there. I'll gladly demonstrate ten things not to do when tying flies.
  11. Ed just say you're in
    we will work it all out for ya
    PM me some dates that work
  12. I don't want to be the driving force. I'll work whatever the group wants into my schedule. I was really just trying to stir it up so that a date/time/location could be tossed around. I just want to blend in...
  13. Kelvin.. can we vote whether Ed joins or not?? :clown:

    Ed, you demo 10 things not to do.. and I'll demo another 10! Oh wait, now people might find out I'm not perfect.. how will they handle that!?!? :cool:
  14. I vote Ed comes and shares his demo with us. I'm hoping with the knowledge gained from that I'll finally be able to do with out the large box of bandaids on my tying bench! Heck It might even lower my health ins. premiums!! WOW this is going to be GREAT.
    More coffee please.
  15. Mumbles never realized you were so popular
    I just thought as the guy who started these face to face swaps you should be included

    It's looking more like I should pick a day you can't do it and schedule it for then

    I am working on finding a place to do this and then I will pick a date
    anyone know a place let me know
  16. count me in, whens the due date? what kinda fish or water are we trying to tie for?
  17. if we can't do it at a fly shop, maybe a restraunt? i know round tables all have those big rooms, and serve beer
  18. Kelvin, as always, I'm in providing the dates work out. Don't have any idea what to tie but it won't be what I did last year for the Gift Wrap swap. That was just plain torture.
  19. lets have the flies due by December 4th
    I am working on a location for that same day
    I think early in the month before the family and office parties start

  20. anything you want

    What you love to tie-5
    What you catch the most fish on-5

    or 5 of one style -for example 5 spey flies
    and 5 sea run cutthroat flies

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