Holiday face to face fly swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Kelvin you twisted my arm (non-casting) count me in...
    It will be nice to try out some patterns from someone else...
  2. I can make it to AAF. Count me in. I'll do my favorite fish slayer Camo Careys and my Lady in Red.
  3. GREAT
    you can make it
    it's not as out of the way as it sounds

  4. Tarkin so are you in or just taking a jab at Mumbles?
  5. whats the easiest way to get to monroe from gig harbor? ferry? ive never been there...
  6. Monroe? Where's Monroe? Can I drag fish up on the rocks there?
  7. of coarse you can, im pretty sure you can fish with 3/0 treble hooks as well im sure AATF will have some lead wire for you to wrap around the shank as well :rolleyes:
  8. we can head up to the south fork and drag some Rainbows or Steelhead on the rocks

    or I am sure someone can help to drag some scotch up on the rocks
  9. Im in if you still have room
  10. you are in
  11. I would love to go, but I'm always back in Spokane on the weekends.... can't make a Saturday.
  12. i think im not gonna be able to meet up for this one. can't get out of work. i can mail them to you though.
  13. ok I will PM my address
    too bad cause this thing is gonna be "off the HOOK" so to speak
  14. Is ther room for me in this swap Kelvin? It looks like I have the day off at this time.

  15. You could Larry, but then you would be taken to a place near there where they break rocks. :clown:

  16. Gene Great to have ya!
  17. what kind of flies are we talkin about,I only know how to tye two styles of steelhead flys (spey spiders & soft hackles )will that work?
  18. it can be any type of fly you want. 5 of your favorite to tie and 5 of your most producing fly
  19. count me in
  20. you're in

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