Holiday face to face fly swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Kelvin, I am going to have to bow out of this swap. I am working tons and dont have much time to tie and I now have to leave on the 5th for a week long work trip. have a great time everyone and drink one for me.
  2. "Gee I hope somebody can make it,I'd hate to have just flybill & I, we've all ready heard each others stories"

    I'll be there and I haven't seen Bill in almost a year. So I'm sure he has some new stories by now!
    I'll bring my stuff and tie Camo Careys for anyone who wants one.
  3. I'll bring some fried rice & shrimp, and of course some havana club to mix with our cokes.
  4. Wonderful!
  5. Islander - sorry to hear about your truck. I saw a real good deal on an f250 today here on the island. 2003, gas. I'll tell you more if you're interested.

    Wish I was headed to this swap with you but I have commited to climb mountains to obain a $5 christmas tree for the family near Quilcene. If that does not work, I'll call you for a carpool!
  6. Thanks Jeff, I just picked up a truck today.
    Fake injury and tell the family I'm taking you to physical therapy, should be a fun time. Steve
  7. LAME update: I just found out that I'll be working Saturday.
  8. Darn it! We're gonna miss you and I don't even know you.
    But I'm glad you're employed
  9. Ha, glad you and the wife are happy!:) I'm trying to get ahold of Billy Z and see if I can't get my flies to him for Saturday, we'll see.
  10. Work is the curse of the drinking class!
  11. could one come a little later in the day around 1pm? was thinking about senaking out and fishing in the am
  12. I have my flies tied and realized that I need them to you by Saturday.

    They won't get to you by mail now, so would it be okay for me to bring them to the swap or would it work out better for you sooner?
  13. New work schedule came out today and I'm free to attend.
  14. come any time you want

  15. Great!

  16. Bring to the swap
  17. I talked to Richard today he is going fishing before the swap
    I am heading out to the river from the swap
    so bring your waders and gear and let's go get one or three

    everyone is welcome

    I pitty the fool that doesn't come to this swap
  18. I'll be there with a few flies, nothing fancy but will catch fish, and a pie. See ya! I won't be able to fish as I have to meet a friend later in the afternoon.
  19. I'm all packed and plan to leave early in the morning. Hope get camp set up and then get to the shop around 10am. I'd be up for some fishing later that day. Sunday I plan to do a little lake fishing and then head back home sometime Monday. If anyone wants to tag along you're more than welcome. Looking forward to seeing some folks I haven't seen in a while and meeting some new ones.
  20. Got afew feathers afixed to some pointed wire. After meeting with a client in the a.m. I'll grace your presence with my southern drawl.
    See ya' round high noon.

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