Holiday Fly swap gathering

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. No tie two sets of Five ten flies total

    one of oine kind
    one of another

    you can tie as many extras as you want to give away if you're feeling generous
  2. Steve you will be trading two sets of flies with two other people
    you can tie more and you don't have to unless you want to give all to me of course

    I am done with all mine
    5 Bright Dot Dry Flies
    5 White and Olive Flatwing Bait fish Patterns

    View attachment 45620

    both these patterns catch fish
  3. I wish I could come, but I have to work that Saturday. All have fun!
  4. I am finishing up my last fly tonight. 5 Flashback stoneflies and 5 Spawning Purple.
    I can't make it in person unfortunately. I spend my "weekend" away from the dispatch center cooking at Sapolil Cellars here in Walla2 and my 2nd boss has a huge catering event that day and keeps getting this panic ridden look on her face when I ask her about it. So I am gonna be a nice and work.
    Where should I send the flies?
  5. Ok how are the ties coming along
    the swap is this coming Saturday?

    I tied an extra set so we can still take on more tiers
  6. Done and in the mail. Sure wish I could be there. I owe, I owe, so it's off to work I go!

    Things I learned tying these puppies while working graveyard at a 911 center.
    1. I like the stonefly pattern because it's easy to tie, catches fish, and is easy to drop and answer a 911 call...
    2. Spawning purple fly, not so much. I seem to always be in the middle of hackling or have head cement in my hand.
    3. I still suck at sweeping hackle on a steelhead fly.

    Tight Lines
  7. Dragon recieved yours today
    Very nice ties!
  8. See you tomorrow at the swap!
  9. I decided to go with my two Lone Lake favorites. Also, my wife made some of her shortbread cookies for me to bring. If I don't eat them all on the Ferry I'll have some to share. See you guys tomorrow.
  10. Sweet ties indeed

    awesome love for you both to do a demo

    I will do a flat wing demo since couple people have asked for one

    we also have and area where we can cast the rods in the shop if anyone wants to try out the new Sage one or anything else they have

    The shop is also doing a free spey casting class that day if anyone wants to head up to Monroe
    there is a couple of good salt spots not too far from the shop a park is full of Chums right now don't tell anyone I said so
  11. Should I bring a rod? Anyone planning on hitting the water?
  12. Nice ties everyone and thanks, Kelvin for putting this on. It was good to see everyone again.
  13. Yes, big thanks to Kelvin for organizing it and also to Avid Angler for the use of the shop. It was great to put some new names to faces and hooking up with friends from previous WFF adventures. Some excellent flies and knowledge were exchanged. I'll put some pictures up a little later.
  14. The flies I came home with look great and I can't wait to try them out on the water. Thanks to Kelvin for organizing and the Avid Angler for hosting! Nice to meet everyone and put names with faces.
  15. Here's the pics I took. Some others took better shots of the bugs.
  16. Wow, I sure had a great day. Thanks Kelvin for putting this together. I owe you for letting me just drop in like that. Very cool of Avid to host.

    Islander and I decided we still had some socializing left in us. We headed over to the Orvis in Bellevue. Had some sockeye salmon sliders with some very fine Speyburn single malt whiskey and a fine cigar.

    Not a bad day considering I didn't fish.
  17. Sorry I missed you guys- I was late because of work and when I arrived (3:42) everyone had left. No worries, I needed the flies I tied anyway and bought some more tying stuff to boot.
    Maybe next time I can meet some of the WFF crowd.
  18. Had a wonderful time. I had never participated in a fly swap before. It inspired me to try to do a fly swap here in Kitsap County in the early spring. Thanks again.

    Jerry (Bonsai)
  19. Kelvin. Thanks for hosting the fly swap. It was great. As you know, I chose your Steelhead Lighting Bugs. Well, to hell with steelhead! I used them out fishing in the Hood Canal today for cutts and drug fish up on the beach! You should have been there! I did a report in the saltwater section here. I mostly had luck with a squid pattern, but I slapped on your steelhead bug and nailed around 4 fish also, plus some missed hits. Anyway, it was nice seeing and meeting everyone. Happy Holidays!
  20. I am glad to hear those worked on Sea runs
    I was thinking they would I will have to give them a try

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