Holiday stress removing steelhead swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Davy, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. Me too ;) I'll be in :)

    I'll take a look at what's out there, but I'll do either some pink shrimp thing, or perhaps some high visibility white and pink (or bright) leech....
  2. Ok James ,,We still need one more swapper to make 15, imagine that??? I miscounted.
  3. Davy,

    I'd like in if you'll have me. I have paritcipated in swaps before but this will be my first steelhead swap. I hope I can at least come close to the quality that the other tiers will bring to the table.

  4. Davey,

    Don't let Warren fool you. I've seen many of his flies, and fished a few of them too. The guy can dress a hook!

  5. Is there one more space? Or I'm counting wrong? Well, anyway, if they's a space, count me in, please!
    Long winter started here in AK, so some time is available to spend tying!
  6. Well,well,well, we have an extra tyer if the group is ok with that? If not,, sorry Romko

    Warren? your in and that makes 15 ! If evryone is ok with tying one extra then Romko can get in, I have seen his flies and they are noiiccceee !

    Everyone? ok with 16? Let me know

    Otherwise, swap is closed, have fun tying all
  7. Sixteen tyers is fine with me.

    Steve S
  8. doesn't make a difference to me
  9. 16 is fine with me too! :thumb:
  10. Whats one more in the grand scheme of things. Fine by me.

  11. based on the responses then we go with 16 tyers, so 16 flies each guys, Romko your in !

    Have fun, in the near future I will post a list of what everyone is tying.

    If my Weaver skins get here in time I will try to do some of my feather bodied patterns.
  12. I'll do it, never been in a swap before but I love tyeing flies with a stinger, so thats what you'll get from me. Just tell me what to do and Im in! ptyd
  13. Aww man, I didnt look at the second page, I thought I was golden. Oh well, I'll try the next one. No stinger leech for you!! HA HA!! :beathead:
  14. Hot news :thumb: - just in- Mike Doughty has informed me he is tying a blue&black marabou "thing" , personally I like flys named "thing" they usually are the ones that catch fish.

    Then there is the official "Thing" which a friend of mine named Bud Guidry posted on another board.

    Thought you all would enjoy seeing this one;

    Attached Files:

  15. Damn! That's one nice "thing" fly! I still have to decide what to tie up. Thinking of a purple peril or something along that line. Definitely a spey style fly. Davey, I'll let you know for sure in a couple of days!

    Now the pressure is on!
  16. I will be tying my Golden Stone Spey in a size 2.
    Tiemco 7999 size 2
    Gold milar tinsel
    silver french tinsel
    yellow floss body
    mallard flank undercolar
    lemon wood duck overcolar

    you can see a pic of it in my pictures
  17. Heres the some of the list of participants and the patterns each are tying

    1. Stephen Forrest -- Conehead Blue Moon

    2.SpokaneFisherman -- A sort of Intruder style pattern ??????????????????????????? LOL

    3.Banzai--- Skagit Special ( Ham and cheese omelette)

    4.REE - Bulkley River Samurai's

    5.Warren Perry -- Farrar Marabou - ( His are finished and here allready and they are purrrty!-- come on you slackers! )

    6.derbyshc -- Bright Spey

    7.mike doughty --Black & Blue marabou "Thing"

    8.James Mello -- still considering

    9. Romko- I'd bet olives against donnettes that he will be doing a tube fly of some sort,LOL

    10. Davy - Lady Practitioner

    11. John Hicks --Golden Stone Spey

    12. Hedburner is doing a bright Pink String Leech, with crackers I have heard they are tasteeeey!

    thats all I got so far

    Hopefully you will all follow Warrens example and send extra's for me, my own flys seem to have stopped working and I need ones that work. gawd,I'm bad, huh? nothing like a groveling fly tyer
  18. Dang, there goes Warren again, making things difficult for us underachievers. I bet he even has nice toe tags too. Talk about sucking up to the swapmeister, extra flies? Are you serious?

    Way to go Warren. Mine won't be done until Monday, so ya beat me.

  19. John Hicks Golden stone update. I have six done and will have six more done tomorrow. I plan on having all of them done if I can find decent mallard and wood duck feathers. BTW Orvis materials suck!!!
  20. six more??? I tyed one last night, I have 4 left to do, guess I should check my mail see if any of you have snuck some more in on me .. I have plenty of size 22 red midges tyed- almost 40 dozen now. not so good for Sauk fish though, a wee bit small I think

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