Holiday stress removing steelhead swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Davy, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. fixed it,:thumb: but you are not forgotten

    go fish, water is good

  2. I went yesterday morning to the snoqualmie. One other angler was fishing near me and 2 boats. I landed 1 steelhead within 15 minutes of arriving, and then nothing the next 3 hours. It was a great morning on the water!
  3. sweet, I will fish a river this afternoon
  4. Sorry i've been so behind davy. i ended up bringing my fly tying materials to work to catch up. that's why you guys pay the tax dollars so that i can tie flies on uncle sam's time. anyway 16 down. will be in the mail by friday. sorry if some of them don't look the best but i got to far behind.
  5. Mines were in the mail today. Priority to WA may be even by Friday...
  6. :mad: shame on you, ignoring your responsibilities. Not the best huh? jeez. Not only are you behind but we get the cr%$ , hmmmm:beathead:

    :p :p no worries Mike, I'm sure they're fine. Can't wait to see um.
  7. If I am a few days late (beyond the 15th) getting the flies out,I apoligize to everyone before hand. I am having some surgery the 12th and will be off the board and fairly immobilized for about a week. I may or may not get the flies photo'd and out on time --like maybe the 23rd or so--the wife has promised to help.

    thanks to all, I have all the flies here in the tying room nice and safe ( I have only fished with a few, promise )
  8. Yah, they're fine and hopefully will catch fish, but i guess that depends on who's fishing them
  9. Sent mine yesterday. They should show by monday.
  10. Here's what's done and not done as of todays (1/10) mail=

    Still have five left to get in- plenty of time:thumb: even the end of next week will work since I won't be dancin for a few days

    thanks guys

    1. Stephen Forrest IN

    2.SpokaneFisherman -- In

    3.Banzai--- In

    4.REE - In

    5.Warren Perry -- In

    6.derbyshc -- just got em

    7.mike doughty --

    8.James Mello

    9. Romko- - IN

    10. Davy - in

    11. John Hicks -- IN

    12. Hedburner -- IN

    13. flybill

    14.Wayne Jordan-- In

    15. Tucker h -- in

    16. steve s -- in
  11. So I'm actually in a position where I need to change the pattern I'm going to tie. I picked a *very* ambition (for me pattern) and to be honest, I'm not getting the results I want out of it. Right now I'm tying like 3 or 4 for everyone I feel is good enough to go out, and they take like 15 minutes each. Since this is supposed to be stress reducing, I'll have to swallow my pride and instead ship in something easier. I'll instead be sending out some articulated purple rabbit strip leeches. Sorry for the short notice, and hopefully this doesn't piss anyone off!

    -- Cheers
    -- James

  12. LOL James- no worries- hope you have set up your complaint division to handle all our complaints. We are reely gonna be pissed. Not really but I "was" gonna tye 15 Green Highlanders but instead did the L Practitioners.

    Can't wait to see your flies- Can I help offline with your tying issue? If I can I would offer to. Course it will have to wait a week or two.

    You have plenty of time if you want to finish the others James- even the end of next week will work- givin my issue.

    thanks !
  13. Well, I *think* I may have it licked... I dreamt about how the hackle was laying down and such and I may have a solution. Mostly I think the hackle I'm using is both too long and too stiff. Also, I've been tying from the bend in the hook to the eye, when in fact I think I should be doing it bugger style and tie from the front to the back. I'll try to tie a few more tonite, and if it doesn't work, I'll move on to the leeches. Those guys are like 5 minute flies so I can bang out quite a few in an hour or two....
  14. Can hackle be too long for steelhead flies?????, hmmmmm:p :rofl: I will ponder that

    SO if anyone askes any questions the next 4 or 5 days, hopefully others can answer-I will be off here for atleast that amount of time- take care and thanks again for patience.
  15. No worries on getting them out Davy. Get yerself well.
  16. James you ignorant A#$%ole. I'm so mad right now I could scream!!! Just kidding Rock on dude send the ones you can tie and I'll school you when I get out there next month.
  17. Put mine in the mail today, and a couple of extras for the swap dealer. You think it would'nt be that hard to find a suitable container to ship them out in. Well I looked all over for a plain simple plastic box with no compartments. Tried a couple of hardware stores, some dollar stores, even went to wal-mart. I found something, not exactly my first choice, but it worked, and I'm sure it'll come in handy later.
  18. an altoids container worked for me.
  19. My flies went out on Thursday, you should have them today.
    Get well soon!

    steve s
  20. Hey gang- doc did good

    Home alive and mending, minimal complications so all is well,, even had a light cocktail last night,,,things gotta be lookin up.

    Steve, Tucker- got your flies, two thumbs!

    Still three out- James will be a couple ore days since he decided to finish the more dificult patterns he wanted to dress for us.

    Wife has Thursday off and she says we can start sortin and takin pics then. Hopefully all will be in then.

    No worries on anything- if you forgot the toes tags or the right shipping whatevers it will all be taken care of. Ya'll done good on this thing, and the swap looks good. Wait till you see em',,,,mmm.mmm.mmmm. TASTY !!!!

    We're gonna spread all the flies ,containers and envelopes out on the bed and sort Thursday.
    Can anyone think of anything better to do on the bed on your 20th Anniversary? Wife is real happy, LMAO

    thanks for the patience all!

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