Holsters...Cow vs. Horse Hide?

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  1. Looking at IWB High-Noon holster for my CZ P-01 and debating on the cow vs. horse hide. According to their very informative website, the horse hide is more impervious to moisture and, for that reason particularly well suited for IWB style holsters. Anyone on the forum choose horse for that reason...thoughts?
  2. Sorry, I can't help there. All my holsters are OWB. What made you look towards a IWB, just curious not saying it's wrong.
  3. Just that they seem a bit less cumbersome, easier to conceal and do not require a hefty belt -- which I have, but would not always be wearing. The only holster I have/use presently is a Mike's shoulder/underarm style for the Ruger KRH444. Seems the debate on OWB vs. IWB is about as clear and concrete as single hand vs. switch rods :D. The "deep carry" model I'm considering will also fit the Bersa Thunder .380...so I get a two-fer.

    If anyone else has experience with IWB vs. OWB carry, please share.
  4. My issue with IWB holsters is that they rarely conform to the curve of my hip bones, which ain't very big. The OWB I have is rather high riding which puts the gun in what little waist area I have above my belt line. Being small framed it fits me best. Your mileage might vary...:D
  5. I prefer cowhide for LARGE pistols carried outside (read: Contenders, large-frame .44's & bigger, scoped handguns.). Horsehide is typically more pliable. You need to use Neatsfoot Oil on all periodically . . . they're like anything leather; they squeak if not maintained.

    Roper, Look at the Crossbreed holsters . . . most comfortable IWB I've ever worn.
  6. Hell...I don't know if my IWB holsters are cowhide, or horsehide. All of them have been Galco or Blackhawk. I have several OWB holsters, but they just 'print' too much.

    I'm sure Roper is correct....it depends on body build. I find IWB very comfortable, even with a relatively large handgun (how they ever managed to classify my Glock 30 as a 'subcompact' is beyond me). I used to carry a Taurus PT145, which was much closer to what I'd call a subcompact.

    I do, however, respectfully disagree with the use of neatsfoot oil on a leather holster. It will make it too soft...you want the holster to grasp the gun securely. All I've done, for many years, is periodically polish the outside of the holster with clear Kiwi shoewax.
  7. Yep, neatsfoot oil will soften the leather. With good coatings on leather holsters these days, I really doubt that it makes that much difference what they are made of.

    I look it as more of an old marketing ploy...make something, market it in such a way that makes the public think they can't live with out it, then go for the monetary kill!
  8. You wouldn't perhaps just be trying to save a horse would ya? The High Noon site mentions that many of their competitors will not work with horsehide and a few of the other companies play down its use. That's why I came to the only place in the free world where one can get a non-biased, straight answer... who better than a group of fisherman :D. The cow is $109 and the horse $159. The horse is more moisture resistant, but stiffer...a plus, them minus for IWB...decisions, decisions.

    BTW Jim, I checked out the Crossbreed site, leather and Kynar combo's and they claim it to be the most comfortable IWB holster on the planet. I cannot see hard plastic offering better comfort than leather.
  9. I've never had any problems with my cowhide holsters, so I've never tried horsehide.
    I carry IWB in the 1:00 position (aka appendix carry) 95% of the time, and that's with a pistol classified as "compact" but I'd describe it more as a mid-size. For hiking, cutting wood, etc. I'll use OWB on my hip. My IWB holsters have a clip instead of belt loops which makes it very simple to put the gun on or take it off. When I go to work the gun and holster come off easily to put into my lockbox without having to remove my belt. When I go fishing the gun and holster easily transition from my waistband to the pocket of my waders.
    Appendix carry also works well while driving. I place my seatbelt behind the gun (having the belt over the gun in an car accident sounds like a recipe for internal injuries) and the gun remains accessible.
  10. I have one horsehide holster and it is pretty stiff but I used it for probably a year or two and after a couple moths you wouldnt notice any difference.One thing i would recommend though if you are not 100% sold on IWB holsters are the DeSantis OWB belt holsters, they are low profile and carry at just the right angle that I think they even print less than my IWB holsters (at least for my body style.). They are pretty much all I use now unless I am carrying something full size.

    edit: I lied, I just flipped over one of the ones I had sitting on my desk and it is a Rosen Express Line. But sitting it next to my DeSantis you couldnt tell the difference.

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