Holy cow...wadeable flows on the Cedar for the opener?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Cedar, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. Yep! I would be happy to show you some spots too if you want to come down.
  2. My season has started pretty slow. Good luck on the opener, one or two fish per outing since then. Can someone PM effective nymphing patterns or streamer patterns for the Cedar. I am going to change my technique. Thanks, Sam
  3. Sam, what is your current approach?
  4. I've always had luck with a dead drifting a double nymph rig with a large stone fly on top with a second small (~#16-18) bead head GRHE (or similar) on the bottom. When I get takes, 8 or 9 times out of 10 it is on the small fly.
  5. Ill be out there losing flies this evening.

  6. Just thought I would share these... From my time on leave..

    BITH FISH WERE RELEASED UNHARMED!!!! I know one looks a little sluggish but she was fine and swam off strong
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  7. On Tenkara , one of ten Cedar was nice today wet wading.

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  8. I fished around the big bend natural area today. Got skunked not sure if it was skill and technique or just no fish. Oh well, Ill try again later.
  9. The dry fly fishing has been slow, even in the evenings! The nymphing game is alway ok. Don't fish many streamers, but I think it's time to give that a try
  10. SWING!!!!!!!
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  11. First time on the cedar tomorrow morning!


    Nvm, rain kept me away from my exploration of a new place
  12. I think today would be great to go........ I'm just to lazy
  13. Hey guys. I am new to fly fishing. Well fly fishing the northwest anyways. I'm looking for a little help. I am having trouble with consistency on the cedar. Ive pulled a few 5-6 inch cuts out in the last week. All of them have been on a #12 cadis dry. But like I said, nothing consistent. Had a couple takes nymphing last night. I'm wondering what patterns are working and where are you targeting fish. I have been concentrating on the deeper pools just below ripples/rapids and a few small eddies. Places where I'd think to find fish. I may be wrong. What has been working for you? I know there are decent fish in there somewhere.
  14. The big ones don't rise easy. Deep nymphs, cover lots of ground and find over hanging trees
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  15. The last hour before dark is also primer time for risers. As Pat mentions above, they don't rise easily and I've found often wait for dusk.
  16. Stew beat me to it. Fish toward dusk and I'd move away from the deep pools and instead target medium speed runs with 2 or more feet of depth (fast walk or jogging speed with rocky bottom). Work around structure as well. I'd stay on top at that hour and you can even size up a little. Also keep moving, with each cast to the same spot your odds go way down. If you really like a section, give it a few tries then move away and come back to it vs. beating it senseless.
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  17. Awesome. I'm gonna try this stuff tonight. Are you guys using indicators. If so what ratio of depth to leader length from indicator are you using?
  18. I have 24 hour duty tomorrow and will be tying a few flies that I like to swing on the cedar. I will post some pics. Really basic fly. The fish I caught in the videos I posted were caught with this fly.. Please keep posting fishing reports, reading them while over here keep me motivated.
  19. The Cedar gets pounded when it heats up, and fishing and swimmer traffic has been pretty heavy lately. Fishing the deep runs typically pays off, but to really consistently find the bruisers in there, you have to target other areas very intentionally. Find those sharp banks that are 2-4 feet deep where the water turns that Smokey blue color. Fish nymphs as close to the bank as possible....leaders 1-1.5 times the depth of the water. If you tight line nymph, I have been tying nymphs on jig hooks, which makes them drift hook up and greatly reduces lost flies. Heavily tree covered areas often make small shallow eddies against the bank....sometimes they are really shallow and you would ignore them.....that's a mistake. I pull 16"+ fish every time out from taking the time to hit those little spots. Often on the Cedar, there will be those little spots near a big fishy looking pool, so they get ignored. Take time to watch, and always take a cast or two before stepping in the water. These trout feed in the fast shallow wide open riffles way more than you would think. If you find foam anywhere...there will be fish under it. Don't spend too much time on one spot. If you hit really slow frog water, experiment with fly depth....I sometimes find bigger fish suspended at different levels.
    As for patterns....all the ones that have been discussed consistently produce. Golden stones, Pat's stone, my bow candy stone, prince nymphs, copper johns, hare's ears, Jim's CDC cedar stone, pink San Juan Worm. Stimulators, hoppers, Adams, caddis...
    I have also had outstanding success the past year and last with experimenting with new variants. I think these fish see a lot of flies, and new uncommon versions I have tried have been killer. Try stuff they haven't seen....I will say I spent a couple hours last evening trying some different colored Frenchies that I tied up, and they absolutely murdered. I am back in town and will be back to my normal Cedar haunts over next week...would love to fish with anybody.

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