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  1. My forum searches didnt turn up any home outdoor fire pit cooking fire pits.

    I would love to see some ideas you have implemented, this will help me with my own! I I am slowly assembling my outdoor cooking/smore making/late night drinking fire pit. It certainly works as is, but I have much room for improvement. Cook grates, seating and surrounding landscaping, would enjoy seeing what you have.

    Today at the recycle/scrap yard I bought a cook grate that looks like it will an easy addition to fire pit. The clamp appears to hold well on a 2 1/8" OD pipe. Then it will rotate off the heat and raise/lower.

    Look forward to your ideas!

    Just got the images to upload. Question - how far do you wan the grate to extend over the fire. This is a tad short, but I can still add wood to the fire while cooking.


  2. Here you go! This is the one I use from everything from pizzas to 12ib prime rib using apple wood. 1460143_10151697447061652_269774378_n.jpg
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  3. Muknuk - That is sweet. Inner ring with the grill and outer ring. The grill you have is really nice, extending out over the center. Does the grill adjust vertically?

    When the lid is on, does it rest on the outer ring?

    That is very well thought out, in contrast to what I've got going on.
  4. These are very popular here amongst miners as backyard fire pits -

    It's a centrifuge basket from a coal wash plant from a mine.
    They're a consumable item and get replaced quite a lot.
    One that's to worn for the mine only needs a little buff to be a great fire pit.

    Obviously, they're not easy to move around and you won't get one at Walmart, but once in place, they're very cool.

    Besides a pay check - they're one of the few good things to come out of the mine.
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  5. I'm in the process of designing mine. But we've had them down at the property for years.

    You want your swing arm grate to be over the fire. If it's not, you'll only get residual heat. So you want it out enough to get near the fire. But also nice to be adjustable, since sometimes you want that grate back a bit (hence swingarm).

    I don't have pics, but we've used diesel rig rims for our in ground pits. There are some nice setups that you can buy to drive into the ground for your cooking. Cowboy cooker is one (I think the name of it is). Maybe it's Cowboy Grill. But it's a damned nice firepit system that you can drive into the ground and add stuff to it.
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  6. Yes! The grill raises vertically and the lid sits on the inner ring. The whole pit is raised due to my bad back. The cover was customed made to create an oven effect and the inner ring makes it easier to do indirect cooking for pizzas and roasts. Here is the web site http://hotspotfirepits.com/fire/ and they are located in Twisp.
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  7. I've seen some interesting fire pits made from old washing machine drums, 3 pipe legs, attached w/ flange fittings.
    It's hard to beat a big dutch oven hanging from a tri-pod.
    I used to have a large single gas (LPG) burner we used for outdoor cooking with a wok.
    But the pièce de résistance was a 30 gallon galvanized trash can (new) complete with lid which often sat atop that big burner and was used for New England style clam bakes. Simple one pot gourmet meal!
  8. That looks like It would be a very good pit, trouble is theres no coal washing plants near me, or maybe thats a good thing!
  9. Jeff, is that a crusher cone? A number of years ago we picked up a scrap crusher cone from a quarry. We stuck it halfway in the ground at a friends cabin. That thing was the best outdoor pit I've seen. Sadly he lost the cabin in a divorce.
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  10. Yes, crusher cone sitting in a big truck wheel buried partway into the ground. great for a fire pit, and once it gets hot it burns very nice. I have just found a guy on the island to weld up a stand for my grill to mount to.

    This may be a project on "Island Time" but i will post photos when it is complete. It will not be as slick as the system Muknuk had made, but the total cost will be on budget.
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  12. Very nice jeff
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