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Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Big E, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Tied up a half dozen of these in olive/white and olive yellow sculpin colors. Never worked with artic fox before...underfur is quite fine and plentyful...I think I inhaled half of it.

  2. nice what other materials are used
  3. that is a good looking piece.
  4. Lead, dumbell eyes, olive marabou, olive artic fox, white artic fox, holo flash, olive flash, black flash, hackle.
  5. Nice tie Big E. I'm ure that will get some predatory strikes.
  6. That is beautifully tied. No self respecting searun or brown would ignore that.
  7. Thanks for all the kind comments...appreciate them.
  8. Sweet tie, Big E. I strongly advise that you do not attempt to use those around largemouth or smallmouth bass unless you are confident that you arm is firmly attached to its socket.

  9. Great lookin fly Big_E, what hook did you use though? i
  10. Great lookin fly, what hook did you use??
  11. TMC 700 #6
  12. Big_E...great flies, as always...but you NEED TO FISH SOME OF THEM and not just tie them.
  13. Those puppies work, one of Doug's best flies for sure. Great profile for sure!
  14. Its too cold to fish...I'm lucky if my arthritis lets me out of bed in the morning much less stand in cold water and rain. I've already cleaned/boxed/and stored all my gear for the year. Its tying season!!

    Gonna tie up some deer hair poppers this winter and hit the bass this spring.

    Besides, I can fish thru your reports vicariously. :)

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