hood canal cutts

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  1. i live a easy 30 minute ride from the canal and have never fished it but for chum salmon. there is a article in washington fishing and hunting news about it. saying how good it is for src. i am an avid src flicker with a boat. if someone is out there who fishes and knows the area. is it really as good as the article says, and where is some good drifts to fish at. thanks ben:)
  2. Try creek estuaries... the Union River mouth and Dosewallips are my favorites. I suppose the sand beaches could be okay, ive just never had much luck there. But honestly, i prefer the south sound for cutts- hood canal has never been very productive for me.

  3. this web site is cool, im 23 and dont know a soul who fly fishes, so i can talk to fly flickers here. anyways in the south sound you say you fish for cutts have you ever fished for them with a bullhead sculphin pattern, if so how and when does it be most productive. ben
  4. Yeah, I do use woolhead sculpins or Muddlers often, and are usually pretty effective in the shallows. There are tons of the little sculpins about size 4-6 in the shallows, and i try to match em. I usually like to fish sculpins on an outgoing tide- Im not sure why but it seems to be the most productive. Also, I like clousers in the salt, and occasionally shrimp patterns and dry flies in estuarys.
  5. yeah im gonna pick some of those up today i got a few good spots in mind i hope northwest angler has some. you say you use dry flies in estuarys,likewhat when and how, sorry for all the questins im a pretty good fly flicker but some flies and i have never fished before and i have a good feeling they will work. thanks Ben

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