Hood Canal Report - 4/23

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Nick Andrews, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. Nick Andrews

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    JoshZarling, me, and another friend of ours, Travis, hit Hood Canal yesterday and today. And though it was not as consistent as when we were out two weeks ago when Josh and I landed ten fish, it still had its perks, the first being that we only caught one fish less than 14 inches. Travis, a guy who has never picked up a fly rod, catches the first and smallest fish on the day maybe only 12 or 13 inches. But later in the day it got better for Travis, when he landed a SRC that we measured at 21.5 inches. When Travis hooked this cutt I thought that he had bottom, because the fish had a seven weight bent over good. Now this cutt did not take to the air like most, but instead sunk to the bottom and stayed. After some time and team work we were able to get him in the net. Josh has a photo that I hope he will post soon. Now, I do have to say that I am still a little jealous, but my day was good as well. Four to hand with one measured at 19 inches but skinny for being that long. This was the biggest cutt I have ever brought to hand. Now Josh, who only brought two to hand, but he was focusing on driving, landed one that measured 18 and thick. If I am correct, it was the largest he had ever landed. The weather turned in the middle of the afternoon and cut short our outing. We tried again today, but had few bites and I only had one small silver to hand. It was bright today with gin clear water but there was a lot of seaweed making it difficult at times. Still, the whole weekend was a blast and hopefully Josh can get those pictures up soon.
  2. Roger Stephens

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    Glad to hear that the three of you had a quality day of fishing for SRC on Saturday. Those days are ones to treasure.

    The beauty of fly fishing on Puget Sound is that every day can be different as you found out on Sunday. It can be great one day and the next trip out it is lousy. That is what makes it interesting/challenging to fish in the saltchuck. Plus, you usually learn something new every outing and never know what you are going to catch.

    From my experience, sunny days makes for some tough fishing for resident silvers and usually the same for SRC.

    Hope that your next outing is like Saturday's.

  3. South Sound

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    I can not figure this thing out. I will work on it. Damn.
  4. Nick Andrews

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    I hope you are talking about the camera.
  5. salt dog

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    The occasional skunk days are a part of what make the other days so special when fishing for SeaRun Cutthroat.

    When they are on, you think that you've finally got it down, this is easy because I am just one hell of a great fisherman. Then the next time you feel like you're lucky to catch seaweed. Experience that enough and you even out to where the fishing is what is sought after, and the catching is a gift from the sea when you are fortunate, and you really appreciate the special moments more when they comes, especially 18" thru 21.5"!!.

    Post those pictures when you get it figured out Josh, you had a special day to hook into such nice fish.
  6. Nick Andrews

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    This weekend we caught a few fish that were skinny for there length. Does anyone know if the skinner fish that we caught were they just coming down into salt from spawning? Was not sure because a few were skinny in my opinion for how long they were and thought that might be why. There was plenty of bait fish around. We also saw just enormous pods of perch not that it has anything to do with the SRC question. Any thoughts on the topic would be great. Thanks, Nick
  7. salt dog

    salt dog card shark

    That the "skinny" fish recently spawned would be my conclusion as well, Nick. Where you using bait fish patterns when you caught them?
  8. D3Smartie

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    Nick... were these big perch or just the shiners? those big guys can be a lot of fun with a permit crab fly.
  9. South Sound

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    They had a big black stripe down their middle (vertical). Dave, does any color permit fly work?
  10. Nick Andrews

    Nick Andrews New Member

    They were not shiners, I am sure of that, I believe that they are called Rainbow Perch.
  11. D3Smartie

    D3Smartie Active Member

    most likely pile perch but they may have been rainbows. Rainbows are a lot darker than the pile perch and not nearly as common. The big bar in the middle sounds like the pile perch...

    I have alway used the drab kind of olive ones. usually only try when I can see them, but they do put up a good fight.
  12. Nick Andrews

    Nick Andrews New Member

    After looking at some more photo's I believe that you are correct.
  13. South Sound

    South Sound Member

    fast or slow retreave. Jerk or steady. Also what size fly.
  14. D3Smartie

    D3Smartie Active Member

    They have always taken it quite quickly on the sink right infront of them. So a rather slow retrieve. I just kind of twitch it there. I like the floating line so it will stay up rather than shoot the fly to the bottom....
    The flies are all about the same size i think... I'd say a size 4 but a size 6 might be better. They have a firm mouth and it helps if they can inhale it.
  15. rockfish

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    wheres all the perch at man, my spot was beach seined for them I cant believe it
  16. D3Smartie

    D3Smartie Active Member

    i first started off the dock in front of my house. Used to sight fish to them around the pilings with bait but the little guys always took your bait... Flies were much more effective, or live crabs.
    Great fun. I love those perch
  17. Wayne Jordan

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    Nick, I had to go out and confirm your report yesterday. The fishing was incredible all day long. I fished 3 different areas and landed well over 60 fish. I never did make it over to the Hood Canal area... I guess I didn't have to... Stop by the shop on Monday and I 'll give you a few of my patterns to try out.
  18. Wayne,

    What shop is it that you work?