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  1. Got to head up to the Hood Canal last weekend to do some fishing for SRC near Belfair State Park. This has been my first year fishing in the salt and I have learned a lot since my first fish on a Chum Baby this spring.

    After devouring the recent thread on Puget Sound Beach Flies I decided that I would tie up some pink and chartreuse Clouser Minnows with a size 6 stinger (a la Stonefish) for this trip.

    The tide and weather looked promising and with all of the talk about October/November being a great couple months for SRC, I had no problem getting up early on Saturday for the incoming tide. I wasn’t disappointed as I waded out to see a nice rip forming within casting range about 30 meters downstream from the mouth of a creek. Within fifteen minutes I was rewarded with a solid hook up and a strong tug at the other end of the line. After a couple of runs and several heart stopping jumps I landed my best SRC to date. I managed to fumble my phone out of my chest pack, take a couple of poor pictures, and let him glide off.


    I fished the rest of the incoming and hooked up with one more 10” fish before the rip faded away. After the success of the morning I was looking forward to fishing the outgoing tide that afternoon. I was geared up and ready to go as another rip set up with the outgoing tide.

    After landing another small fish about 10” I hooked up with another very strong fish. It took a run and as it turned, shook the hook. In doing so however, I got a good look at the fish and saw to my surprise that it had a dark blue back and a distinctly silver belly…. coho! I couldn’t even be disappointed about losing the fish, it was great just to have it on for a while and get a good look at it before it shook me.

    Fished the incoming the next morning as well but got in the water a bit later that I should have and didn’t get to fish the seam that I had seen the previous day.I eventually hooked another 10” fish, got bored and tied on a size 4 Muddler Minnow that I fished “Miyawaki Style” producing a v-wake, pausing, stripping and twitching with my rod tip. Nothing was interested in the surface action but it was a fun way to end a great couple days of fishing.

  2. Sorry, photos didn't work. Here they are.

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  3. Nice fish! I had a great morning today myself, I love this time of year. I had tons of action on the surface, but not one hookup, which is really odd, usually I'm about 50% strike/hookup on topwater. Today they just had awful aim, I only had one fish submerge the fly with the rest missing completely. The follow up strikes were slow as well. There were some big fish around, but I had to go subsurface to hook up.

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  4. I went out Monday with Darrell Davis and fished the last few hours of the flood in some pretty nasty winds. Between the gusts we managed to do pretty well. I lost one of my largest that totally blasted my popper. Here's a pic of one of Darrell's.

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  5. Steve, glad they were out there for you too. I love these fish.

    Leland, wow that is a beauty. I have yet to tie up a couple of your poppers but it's next on my list. Going to stop by River City Fly Shop down here in Portland for some ingredients this weekend.

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