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  1. zen leecher's above post regards an entirely new topic, and as such, has been moved to one.

    hi zen leecher-

    To see hook size recommendations for "bugs" that are useful to flyfishers, I suggest you consult the rightmost column of my WA Aquatic Insect Emergence Chart.
  2. Excellent chart Roger. Any idea how I can save it and also have the emergences show on the chart? That part doesn't "save" for me.
  3. Got it figured out Roger. I saved it as a html and everything shows. Before my attempt was as a pdf and I lost the shadowing.
  4. zen leecher-

    Don't know why you'd want to save it, but if you want to print it, just click the Printer friendly link in the upper left corner of the screen. And then, switch it to landscape before actually printing it.

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