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    The bulk of the my trout flies are tied on Mustad hooks.

    Nearly all my sea-run cutthroat flies are tied on Mustad 3399 As - one of the cheapest hooks avaiable. With my cutthroat flies if I have lots of time or $$ invested in the fly I find that I don't fish them as aggresively as I should (in and among the snags). Because sea-run spiders are such good salmon flies I have caught lots of salmon on them as well without problems of the hook straighting.

    For small dries I really like Orvis big eyes - more for easy of attaching my leader than the quality of the hook - a concession to my advancing years.

    For bulls/steelhead/saltwater coho my go to hook has been the Diaichi 2451 - an excellent fishing hook.

    Tight lines
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    Matthew, Sorry for the oversight. I order them through the Kingfisher Fly Shop, they have pictures and prices on line. Pm me if you need more info. Ive
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    Being the sportsman that I am, I fish strictly with tube flies. I mean strictly with tubes and no hook. I simply tie a bulky series of overhand knots in my leader behind my tube. If a fish ‘believes’ that my fly is food with enough certainty, it will not let go of the fly and can be landed quite easily. This technique also facilitates easy release and causes little or no damage to the mouth of a fish.
    Someday you may elevate your fishing and tying to this level too.
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    I used to have a few different hook makes of similar styles, toying around with (mostly) Mustad and Tiemco, with a few Daiichi's and Gami's thrown in for good measure. Now, all of the Mustad went to the "garage sale bin".

    I had a bad run of luck (or just a bad run of hooks) this fall with Mustad 34007's... I broke AT LEAST 10 out of a single box of 50 while silver fishin'.

    So, I switched to the Tiemco 811S.

    About 2.5X more cost...but after watching a couple of 16-20lb Coho slide back into the depths when the hooks broke at the bend, I decided to fork over the extra $5.

    IMHO, and YMMV.
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    Started tying flies about 35 years ago when Mustad and Eagle Claw were just about the only widely available choices. The old timer from whom I learned got me started with Mustads, but warned me from the start to wrap a few turns of thread next to the eye to close the gap and to always carry a file.

    I've followed his advice on both points, using Mustads for 95% of my fishing. They have served me well over the years and I've had no major issues with them.

    Some of the other brands I've tried do seem sharper out of the box, but in my humble opinion this quality alone does not justify the significant price difference. That's why I carry and use a file. Mustads hooks have been reliable fishing tools for me, and the price has remained very reasonable, especially when one buys them in boxes of 100. "If it ain't broke, don't' fix it."