Hosmer Lake

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Richard Olmstead, Jul 16, 2013.

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    Richard, YES! That was me! Ha. Small world eh? Things slowed down the 2nd day before I left fishing wise.
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    Here's the deal. Those who stay at the resorts in and around Bend want to go fishing and they want to keep what they catch. So, the guides have a tendency to push for catch and kill. Knowing this, it makes me wonder if some pressure was applied to the zone biologist to start planting Hosmer with trout that can be caught and kept.

    It wouldn't be the first time a ODF&W biologist was swayed by guides.

    The next shoe to drop is to remove the flyfishing only regulation. Most fly anglers are not into killing trout and if those few who are want to keep a fish for dinner the brookies at Hosmer, are certainly available.

    This all just seems damned odd to dump a ton of planters into a flyfishing only lake. Who are the fly anglers who wanted the lake planted with trout that are meant to be caught and killed?

    Damned odd.
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    Excellent report! I was thinking about exploring that lake myself in the next couple of weeks, but am deterred somewhat by the reports of kayakers and small fish. It seems that things have changed a lot since Steve Raymond wrote his nice essay on Hosmer.

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    I just caught one in East a couple of days ago around 13" and it fought worse than the Tui Chubs in there. It was a slug.
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    The original strain of Atlantics were much better fighters than the ones they plant these days.
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