NFR Hotel for father son trip in or near seattle

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  1. Hi gang,
    Taking my 2.75 year old son to Seattle fOr the weekend. Leaving tomorrow. Planning aquarium and zoo etc... Bringing the dog to give mommy a weekend off. Having never been I do not know which neighborhood to stay in or hotel. Typically, when we travel to Portland,, we stay in the burbs and drive in.

    I am completely open to hotel and neighborhood suggestions. Looking for all the fun things for my boy!

    Thanks a ton!

  2. There's a few hotels out on the I-90 corridor in Bellevue (eastgate) area that will give you a good range of prices and a straight shot into downtown over lake washington. I think that 520 is closed this weekend (the other highway across the lake) so you might see some traffic on I-90 because of it though. Also it would be a good jumping off point if you wanted to do some quick, (relatively) easy hikes like rattlesnake ledge, etc. if you have a backpack to carry the boy in.

    Link to map with hotels. zoom in on eastgate (or issaquah even, then you can stop at creekside) to see all the hotels in the area.,YN925x15737596,YN925x220355162&FORM=MAPAGG
  3. There is a Marriott on the waterfront which is a short walk to the aquarium. Also a Marriott in the So Lake Union area.
    There is a Holiday Inn just off of Denny that is a short walk to the Seattle center.
    A Silver Cloud across the street from Safeco Field.
    Extended Stay America in No. Seattle. Easy drive down Aurora to the zoo and downtown.
  4. The Marriott in South Lake Union is nice. It's right next to The Center for Wooden Boats, and pretty much right on the trolly line that takes you to downtown and the Space Needle via the monorail. Since it's right on the lake you get a great view of the float planes taking off - 2 year old boy heaven.
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  5. Best Western Pioneer Square Hotel is a pretty cool old building in an interesting part of town. Ride the trolley to the Aquarium or hop a free bus uptown and take the Monorail to Seattle Center.

    Oops, just saw you wanna bring Fido. He might be welcome. Call.
  6. I can vouch for the SLU Marriott too. That's where I put my parents up when they're in town.
  7. FYI: Best Westerns almost always allow dogs -- I believe something like 98% of all the locations have some dog-friendly rooms. La Quintas also generally accept dogs. Always ask when making reservations, tho...

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