How about a Grimes L. report?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jim Jenkins, Jun 11, 2001.

  1. I see below that someone was going to Grimes L. for the weekend. I don't see a report here!! haha Just kidding but was curious how you did. I'm heading over on the weekend of the 23rd. Probably hit Fish L. too, they have monsters in there also! I see some interest on Spada L., I was up there last weekend but couldn't fish because all I had was my cat-a-raft, which you can't use there. Dumb rule! Where's the harm? Since then I went and bought an Old Town canoe which I plan on taking up this week after work or this weekend, wheather permitting that is. When we were there last weekend there wasn't another sole on it and the water looked so inviting. My game plan is to consintrate on the 2 arms at the east end and the inlet rivers. I'll post my results. Jim
  2. I just got back late last night. My wife and I are heading there again this weekend; not because it was that great, but my wife wants to. I really don't have the time to do the kind of "story" post I want to and will when we return. Fishing is pretty slow. There were, as always, several anglers. Most caught one, a few caught a few, and two guys caught several. All who venture to Grimes should know several things. It is located next door to BFE, there is no camping at Grimes (private land owner), no drinking water, no shade, and lots of wind! Grimes offers limited windows of opportunity; fish it before 10:00am, because that's when the wind comes, if isn't already there from the night before, and any time after that when the wind stops. Don't fish past either cliff on left and right of fist part of lake after channel. Last year my wife and I had to call 911; a couple had ventured past the cliffs and the wind blew them to the other side. We have heard stories of people like this year after year. Rattle snakes guard Grimes like Hammerheads around a shipwreck, so beware. Grimes is not for everyone, especially children, dogs, and people who like amenities, other than a portapotty (provided by my wife's uncle's fly fishing club). I took pictures, which I will give to Chris to post. The Lahaunton (most likely spelled wrong) Cutts get big, but are lethargic. I am not trying to keep anyone away, but rather warn; my wife and I's opinion is fish it at least once! Then you make the call.
    Quickly, yeah right, fish are cruising the shore areas (still in pairs) this time of year. Chironimids fishing well now, mayflies started, but wind quickly popped our bubble. I caught a few each day, but had to put the time in and fight...yes, wind! It is, as always my favorite. On a related side note, we fished Lenice, and it is hopping, people and big rainbows (one about 6lbs.); we didn't make it to Dry Falls, but hear it is "on" right now, too. I will write about Grimes more next week. FYI- Jameson Resort has no drinking water due to bacteria, so don't forget to bring some. I hope this helps those who have never been to Grimes. -glen
  3. Lots of info, thanks. Yeah, I know all about wind, all those eastside lakes can have that problem to some extent. I just like to try places I haven't been before. I have fished Jameson so it can't be to much different. I have a pontoon boat so I shouldn't have to call 911. Snakes, hmmmm I hate snakes but I've had to fish around them since I was a young boy fishing with my dad on the Klickitat R. and hiking in the back side otf the Naches in summer. I must admitt the hi-ways have taken their toll on them over the years. My dad actually saw one on the river (Klickitat) last week. He's 80 years old and still goes down there fishing. Oh and by the way he caught 2 steelhead. Know one knows that river like he does. Anyway I'll still probably try Grimes early on the 23rd. There are a couple streams in that area I want to try also. I am surprized they caught any big fish out of Lenice though, it was killed off just under 2 years ago. I have been trying to avoid the crowds, I like a good challenge.
    L8r, Jim
    And thanks again
  4. Thanks for the Jameson Resort info. I'll remember to get that water. Anyone know if there are damsels hatching at Jameson? Love fishing dry damsels.
  5. Damsels are probably doing quite well at Grimes and Jamison, as Dry Falls had plenty a week ago.

  6. I got some of those :) !!! I plan on going early Saturday morning and be off by 10-11 before the stronger winds usually pickup. Then Sunday morning at Fish L. on the way home for awhile. What a terrible way to spend a weekend! haha L8r's, Jim
  7. If you fished Grimes Saturday, then you know the wind was rotten; Sunday was worse. It had us pinned down behind some brush and we used our tubes as wind blocks. The lake went from 20 anglers @ 7:00 to 5 anglers by the time it let up. Fishing was HOT. Sunday/Mnday same. We waited around and again it turned out that sticking around was a good idea. Damsels are coming off and the lake rose 4 degrees since two weeks ago. Guys from Kettle Falls were doing good with black wooley buggers w/krystal flash. More when I recover. -glen
  8. I didn't go yet, this coming Saturday the 23rd. Sounds like my timing will be good. If its not to windy I might try my new float tube my kids got me for father's day :). Its a WWGriggs V-6000. Otherwise I'll use my pontoon boat (cat-a-raft) as you can always row in the wind and troll if you have to. Maybe we'll run into each other this weekend? Sounds like you go there a lot. Have to watch for those dang snakes too! Yeow! :( Later, Jim
  9. Jim- Any time you are fishing is good timing-lol. The air and water temp. is on the rise. We won't be there this weekend (our grass is about 9 inches tall), but I know big fish are loving the damsels. I think it would have been better had the wind not crushed it, but like I said before it is 95% mental. If you go the 200+ miles like my wife and fish wind or no wind! Also, I advise,highly, not bringing your wives on the first trip. I tried to paint that picture before; there are plenty of women (my wife included) who don't mind, but one really has to be hard core. On the same hand I fish this lake with five other guys year after year now and they don't have the intestinal fortitude that my wife has. I fished 13 hours (ten actual/three wind) with my wife in one day and that is more than the total hours fished for the entire weekend with the previously mentioned five fellows. If you love to fish and don't mind the elements Grimes can have it's days... I hope you have one, too. Anyone wanting to know anything about Grimes, or needs gear or a top notch guide call Darc @ Blue Dun Fly Shop in Wenatchee (509)884-4070. Anyone wanting the best place to stay while fishing Grimes call Glen or Alice at Jameson Lake Resort (509)683-1929 (located a mile down the road from Grimes. As for the snakes... they make my skin crawl as I hike to the lake; I like to walk first... I am told they always bite the second
  10. My wife doesn't fly fish. She will go out salmon or halibut fishing but she doesn't consider herself a fisherwoman. She'll be staying in the motorhome visiting with her mom from Spokane who's meeting her in Cashmer today. I'm going over on Friday. I'm used to ruffing it when fishing and can pretty much go all day too but 13 hours is a really! I've stayed out on my big boat that long quite often. Especially when hali/salmon fishing and its 20 miles off-shore. Like I said though I'll just be there in the morning as I want to stop/check out a couple places while I'm over there. Always looking for new spots to try. My new trick for this year is to try fly fishing for salmon/steelhead down off the Columbia where I've gone since I was 10 years old. But have always used bait to catch'm. I have some fly's and a 7/8 rod setup ready to go. Story to be continued for sure. What would be the best end to the story would be to catch one with my dad there! He 81 and still he out fishes me most of the time!
    Talk to ya L8r, Jim

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