How are everyone's grouse hunting plans?

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Rick Todd, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Grouse hunting opens this Thursday! It marks the beginning of the best time of the year (IMO). What are everyone's plans? I did finally get my new 28 GA o/u out to the skeet range Sunday and I am very pleased with how it shot! I'm really looking forward to carrying it in the woods. I'm meeting one or two WFF regulars in the Okanogan (hopefully Roper can make it) to chase those birds.Hope everyone has a great bird hunting season! Rick
  2. I'll most likely head up to the northern Mt. Baker area. I've had some good success up that way and it's an easy day trip.
  3. Steve-some day if you want a partner let me know. We've been spending all our weekends in Winthrop pushing to get the cabin done, but I should have some open time this fall and would love to join you! (besides, it's very close to my house!) Rick
  4. Rick & Steve, count me in for a Mt. Baker run too, I'm sitting down in Everett...

    Thursday will find me on Mt. Hull above the ranch, maybe Waucanda on's an old haunt that friends and I hunted years ago.
  5. Ill be out as well, up north of Spokane. The .410 is ready and so am I!
    good luck gents

  6. Would love to hook up with both you guys and stomp around in the woods. I'll keep you posted. I usually go for a few day trips and if I find a real productive area I'll take the tin tipi up for a day or two.
  7. I'll be out north of spokane as well but not until Monday or Tuesday due to a wedding. Hope everyone finds some chickens!
  8. I've jumped quite a few while walking half-regrown logging roads to fish this summer, though not as many as last year. You guys mention 28 ga, and .410. Is there a load that can be used such that a 12 ga is not too much? I don't want to buy another gun just for the couple of days I'll likely hunt.
  9. I think a #8 or 71/2 trap load in 12 gauge is not be overgunned for grouse. I wouldn't probably use a .410 on grouse, because the shot string leaves little room for error and I'm not that good (unless I'm shooting them off the ground as some of my friends do, but they use a .22) I used to use a 20 ga before I got the 28 this summer. Rick
  10. full choke, 24" barrel and 3" shells, Ill let ya know how it goes! Shooting trap it seems to be an incredible shooting gun and I am confident in its abilities as a chicken killer! haha
  11. Blake-I'm convinced that gun fit and confidence in the gun is 80% of success. Like I said, I'm not a great shooter, but my second round of skeet I shot 22 out of 25 with the new 28 GA and a lot of the targets were smoked, so I'm pretty confident in that gun right now! Rick
  12. If you can find 1 ounce loads in 7 1/2's and less than 3 drams, that would do the trick. I load that for my 12's when I feel like lugging a big gun around, otherwise I use my 16 and 28's.
  13. Thanks for the advice.
  14. might go over to packwood some where,

    are you guys going to be using dogs or road hunting??

    and how are gouse feathers for fly tying?
  15. Fly-by, I'll ditto what Roper said. I usually take the shells I load for my sons 12 ga. trap gun with 6's or 71/2's instead of the 8's and 9's for clay birds. I got a bunch of Field Loads in 6's also for free, so I use those also. I'm stuck using a 12 ga. because I don't have a 20 ga. yet. bawling:

    Don't have a dog either so I do a lot of walking.
  16. View attachment 43864 this is actually my last setter, now gone, but I have a new one that looks just like her. I love to hunt with dogs! Rick
  17. I agree, Rick - confidence in the gun is a must! That being said, I've gone through plenty of "slumps" where I start changing guns, too. Did you have any custom work done on that new gun or is that straight out of the box?
    Steve J
  18. Steve-that gun is just as you sold it to me. Of all my shotguns it fit me the best right out of the box! I too have hot and cold streaks with shooting. I remember one day when I shot a limit of quail with 12 shells (all over points so that is almost cheating!), and another when I got a limit of pheasant and a limit of quail in one day (my friends still have to hear that story 15 years later!) and other days where I've gone 0 for 6 on quail. Once you start missing you start thinking too much and it all goes to hell! Rick
  19. We'll load up the hounds and cruise the forest roads between Leavenworth and Lake Wenatchee, and walk the burns.

    There's a load you guys also might want to consider: RST shotshells. Don and I shoot them exclusively in both our modern weapons and our antique hammerguns. They pattern superbly and aren't very expensive, with the added benefit of being about half the pressure of a regular load!
  20. I'm starting the Tuesday after Labor Day and will hunt for 4 days. I use 71/2 in my 12g and 6's in the 16g. Two years ago I knocked down almost every bird down. Last year I was a finalist for the grouse conservationist medal for sparing the life of almost every bird.

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