How can I help you?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Jeremy Floyd, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. I see a lot of threads where folks are tearing each other apart. I read a lot of animosity, every day. I have been around this forum for a few years and after experiencing what I have, I decided a while ago that I want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

    How can I help you? How can I help you make your fishing experience into what matches your expectations in as realistic of a fashion as is humanly possible?

    How can I help? How can I build community through you? How can I enrich all of our lives?
  2. pay for my next trip to the skeena
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  3. I could use some casting instruction.... New to fly fishing
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  4. Jeremy,

    I'd love a good ol' fashioned fishing report. Maybe a couple of pics (don't have to be of fish), a little story telling, etc.
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  5. Only problem is TOO MANY think they have all these new fangled secret spots. Chances are, over 200 years of settlement in the NW we've covered most. Some may have been lost over the years, but have been fished. Have had guys tell me about some secret waters they've found. Gave a brief explanation of what it's like. I told them the location and they wondered how I knew it. Because I've fished there since I was a toddler. LOL. Too many think they have the silver bullet, and get pissy when someone has fired a round they think THEY only have chambered.

    I'm all for giving info. I do it all the time. I do it A LOT through my time with Project Healing Waters.
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  6. I sure wish that somebody would take over doing my yard work, so I could use that time to go fishing.. I'd be willing to leave a ice chest full of beer on the back sun deck for their enjoyment..

  7. At least our glacial rivers are different every year or so :) There's new secret spots every year ;)
  8. You can help reopen Daniels rookie log to start. Sure there was some BS in there but that thread had more helpful shit than any other thread on here.
  9. I like Jason's response! People sharing how they fish - what equipment they use - how they figured out a hatch - camping areas and what to expect from the area for such a post are great learning tools!

    The problem I see is with the trolls - you know the people who think there way is the only way - the smarter than all - I will tell you what gear to buy - this management is the only management -

    I have only been on here about 3 years and I see the problem being people trying to tell other people they are - well, Idiots for thinking the way they think. Going as far as pointing out Grammar or spelling (my down fall) as if a grown-up can not think for themselves and someone has to try and force the way they think on everyone else!

    You know, that member who doesn't give his experience about a fishery but jumps on anyone who gives their experience saying that they are doing it all wrong. Their are members who do this over and over and I watch for them and have followed them and have nothing to do with them, it's the same thing over - and over flaming people to stroke their ego's or be a smart ass. From what I have seen and read on this forum is there are plenty of really good fisherman on the site, and writing like everyone is an Idiot really pisses me off. But I guess they are "GODS GIFT" to fishing and just can't help themselves.

    It took me awhile to weed through the members and set these people to the side actually expecting everyone of there post to be of the same nature and just learned to let it slide. well sometimes!

    I try and share my experience on Oregon trout fisheries right down to hatches and camp spots boat ramps or no boat ramp and how I figured it out to be successful. I feel these are useful tools to the board for members wanting to reach beyond Washington because I also read the Washington lakes thread and take information from those so I try and give back.

    Heck I have given a full detailed report on crane prairie and got flamed by someone saying the fish mostly eat dragon fly nymphs. well the person could of just shared his experience but this is not his nature - it's to try and only point out things that are, to him, "WRONG" like someone else can't do something different and catch fish.

    So do I think it would be a better place if everyone shared there own experience and quit trying to make everyone else wrong! "HELL YES"

    Do i think everyone sharing there experience on there fishing trips to the board make it better place
    "HELL YES"

    Do I sometimes want to brake the fingers of trolls "HELL YES"
  10. I like where you are going with this Jeremy.

    I'm a pattern whore. I admit it. I usually fish a fly until I lose it, but have probably 1,000 on hand.

    Feed my addiction to tying. Send me box shots of you fav Norcal and E. WA summer steel patterns.

  11. Tie me some yarnies
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  12. Well you can help me by watching my kids while I go fishing.

    The problem is sensitive people. Every time.

    Go Sox,
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  13. I think this site is great. I have made some friends from here. The Healing Waters event was outstanding. Occupy Skagit movement is a great thread full of info from the locals and bios. The River Rights legality information is nice to have for conversations with local land owners etc.
    I have seen a couple 'cranky old guys' that don't like others to share information, but i guess they are 'cold fish' that dont like people in general. I have learned more on this site about fly fishing than any other resource. Its nice to have fly and gear guys across the forums, as diversity is key to any sites longevity.
    I like to share information, i have asked for info and have received great feedback. Where can you go and recieve first hand local knowledge about all the little things concerning a camping site, river/lake/road conditons from the comforts of a keyboard and chair? The sharing of info on this site is above and beyond most sites. Its nice that its a local site, and with the PNW guys woven into the mix, i get to hear details about areas that i may visit/fish or pass over someday.
    This site has saved me lots of money, i would have been a sucker for a $400 4wt fly reel.. i didn't know a $40 reel was all i really needed. Some of the veterans have shared their wisdom and i cant thank them enough. I like the sarcastic nature of some site members too.
  14. I'd like to fish the Skeena as well, maybe the Babine?
  15. It's the season when everyone gets grumpy. No sunshine, or at least lack thereof. Spending time outside is decreased so the attitude kicks in. I keep myself busy. Trip reports rock, doesn't matter if one thinks that it's all the same, they are still fun to read as long as they aren't too long winded. Throw in a few pics of scenery and things are good. I've been on this board since 04, as of late I frequent more often I try to keep it light.

    Take me fishing in BC and put me into some hawgs, that's how you can help me. ;)
  16. I do not care where I fish I just want to catch a damn steelhead. I am now getting so desperate that by the end of each outing I am literally asking god, " please just this once I am begging you let this be the one". :(
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  17. In reality most dust ups around here are due to the medium. I appreciate the written form because you can write exactly what you wish and people can read and re-read your thoughts. Unfortunately, we all misinterperate people due to the lack of non-verbal communication. Well that and good old fashioned projection.

    I find that anyone who tries to communicate what they think your saying rather than letting your written words do it, is likely an asshole, as you already said what you wanted.

    For the record, I feel as though I am qualified to determine asshole status as I am also a certifed asshole, although not for the reason listed above.

    Go Sox,
  18. Take Thursday off and meet me in F***s. I'll row and you can bobbercate. We'll swing the good stuff but that'll be pretty slim as the water is still in the bushes. But, there'll be plenty of bobber water. By the end of the day, you should have a grab... or two.

    That's how I can help.
  19. Why cant u get a weekend free I have a three day coming up and gonna fish hard
  20. David,

    Here are a few of my favorites for summertime. I learned or made/hybridized these patterns from NorCal flies already in use. I have found that they work everywhere on Steelhead, until the water gets dirty. The first two are used by me when the light is not on the water. The third picture, the copper herniator is my go to "light on the water" fly. I use the purple herniator more than anything else, from sun down until dark.


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