How Do You Learn To Cast With Your Non-Dominant Hand?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by LCnSac, Jul 21, 2014.

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    I learned some things from your post Bob.
    But, I couldn't help remembering one of your prior posts referencing Lefty Kreh's comment to you long ago, and having a little chuckle to myself.
    I'm a totally self taught caster and boy, does it show - bad habits are hard to break once instilled over decades!
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    One issue that may come up is that, if you are right handed to begin with, you are likely right eye dominant as well. (Or visa versa). And when you begin casting with your non dominant hand, that hand will tend to cross over to your dominant side during the stroke, with your hand ending up in line with the dominant eye. This will seriously impede your casting.

    I can confirm this, LOL! Thank you Greg for re-posting Bob's comments. I completely forgot. I decided yesterday to get some help. i think we all need that anyway from a skilled third party from time to time.

    My experience with casting instructors is like with math teachers and professors; most know their stuff but are not very good teachers. I had one a year ago that taught me more in 30 minutes than all the other lessons combined. He's not around any more, but I will reach out and find someone.

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