How do you store your rod(s) while floating in your pontoon?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by boxcar, Jul 10, 2004.

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    Years ago friend and I floated the lower Kalama in the fall. This was his first experience in the pontoon boat and due to some combination of bad luck, poor rod placement, and questionable oarsmanship, he ended up losing another friend's borrowed 7 weight. The rod caught on some overhanging willows as he literally spun himself out of control through a relatively gentle riffle. The rod swept off the side of the pontoon, washed down the riffle and slowly disappeared into the deep dark pool below, not to be found by either of us. Since this experience I've always been a little paranoid about where to put my rod or rods while I'm floating, particularly with a spey rod. I've tried a Scotty rod holder, lashing a case to the side of one pontoon, even clenching it upright between my legs as a I row (which isn't exactly comfortable and looks strangely phallic).

    I've never lost a rod myself and am probably just being paranoid based on the experience of my unfortunate friend, but does anyone have a different rod-carrying strategy that works well for them?

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    me and my dad have a do it yourself velcro thing and we attach it to the bar on the inside of the pontoon twice and we break our rod down and attach it via the velcro i don't know if it's just been good luck or whatever but we have never lost one

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