How do you transport your pontoon

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How do you transport your pontoon?

  1. On top of truck/car

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  2. Inflated in back of truck

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  3. Deflated in back of truck or in car

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  4. Trailer

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  1. MT_Flyfisher

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    Dec 24, 2011
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    Emigrant, MT
    I got a new F150 this past summer and put a Leer cap on it. One of the options that Leer offers is a Thule rack, with the mounting tracks permanently affixed to the top of the cap, so that's what I got. You could also put one on yourself if you don't mind drilling a few holes in you truck cap, or I'm sure a dealer would do this for you.

    After I bought the Thule rack, I discoverd that an older set of Yakima Wing Rider II cross bars that I had also fit the Thule tracks, and that's probably what I'll use this coming season to haul my 10' Outcast FS pontoon. I'll secure the pontoon to the roof rack with NRS cam straps.

    Another option that I got with the Leer cap was 12V receptacles that are mounted on the top of the bed rail, just inside the truck's tailgate. With my 12V inflator/deflator, it will be a quick job to conveniently ad or remove air from the pontoon.

    Before I got this truck, I had an older 7.3L F250, with an AIRE cap, and a Hauler aluminum ladder rack that went over the cap and extended out over the truck's cab. I had an 11'3" pontoon that I put on it, and sometimes put 2 pontoons on it whenever I went with a friend that also had a pontoon.

    These days, I also have a Triton model AUT 1282 aluminum trailer (12' bed length) that I use when there are 2 or more pontoons and fisherman going. I also use that trailer to haul my Polaris Ranger 800 XP side-by-side, and since my Polaris is licensed in MT for highway usage, I can use the Ranger for some shuttling on secondary roads - I"d never want to drive it on a major, busy, highway though.

  2. Plecoptera

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    Jun 11, 2008
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    I use both a roof rack and a utility trailer to haul toons w my Subaru. One man boats go on the roof, but I've got at 10' stand up and a 12' that exceed the load rating so that's where the trailer gets used. If I'm on a long trip or rough roads where a trailer isn't practical then I can also take the tubes of the larger boats and put the frame on the roof rack.

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