FS How do you wait before you cuss for being ripped off

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by runner, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. I should also ad, I treat everyone the way I wanted to be treated. And yes, there are times I need that swift kick in the head. Again, it's not always plain as black and white. Especially where the transactions were done. If the guy in question (per location) is in the military and doing pre deployment training, he may be away from the computer (and his home) for a few days. So before we start kicking his ass, may want to wait a couple days. Then slay him. ;)
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  2. I do. In response to the rest of your post......

    +1 to everything Jerry D said.

    Hopefully the OP gets this resolved to his satisfaction.
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  3. Wes has a real job . A job not many are cut out to do .
    God bless `em all .
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  4. I know what he does. My post was tongue in cheek about work. I hang out with operators, some who can space on personal life stuff but are spot in in their jobs.
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  5. Fortunately, you have the ability to delete false/spurious claims like this. Not all folks do. This is a perfect example that someone's "rating" may not be accurate...

    I have purchased and sold many items, over almost 10 years here on this site. Somtimes there is a lag in getting something to me, and I have certainly lagged also in sending items to people. But, the deal always happens. Could be luck, but I like to think differently...
  6. This post is one of your best yet, Jerry. Attaboy.
  7. You bring up a great point. IF there's a false claim on your rating, you can contact us and we can change it. But we haven't had to deal with this yet, so I'm thinking we would have to have both sides of story and go from there.
  8. I have bought a few things from this forum as well with no problems what so ever. I guess just the majority of people these days are good folks. Pretty lame to rip someone off to make a buck.
  9. Sorry to hear. I haven't any problems yet but I must admit I look at length of membership and number of posts before I decide to buy even if I really want it.
  10. I still do not know why we can't have a 25 or more post limit for selling and buying. I get sick and tired of people on their first post grabbing awesome deals before members ever even get a chance to see it! many companies do this and resell to make money and this is supposed to be a non company,member forum, for selling and buying. Just because someone gets a name and signs up doesn't mean it's not a company.

    I have sold two items (among others) for a very good price and right away had people p.m. me with their first or second post wanting to buy and I tell them that I am going to let the members have a chance to see it because at least the members have added to the forums. I have found another site does this with all their transactions.

    Maybe people would still get taken but I bet it would be much-much less! We can talk about the problem or come up with a solution.
  11. Mark I really like this idea and would support an even higher post count minimum. As far as leaving feedback it would be good to have a comment block after you leave pos/neg feedback. This way you could at least have an idea of what happened.
  12. I would say give it more time too, especially if you are quite a ways from each other and he shipped it Parcel Post. He may be just guilty of not communicating with you enough...
  13. how do i post rating on a transaction. ive wanted to do this for all the stuff i sell but dont know how
  14. When I purchased the item, I sent a reply right away that the payment is on it's way - I have no problem with the time it takes to ship out an item because as some you stated that there may be a reason or two that delays the person in shipping it out - my concern is that the individual did not respond to an conversation request if the item has been shipped or in the process. My integrity is very high and my fault is trusting too much as my wife said. As I told Jerry D I work with wounded vets weekly in our PHW chapter and if I lose a dollar or two in this transaction it is nothing compared to what these vets have lost. The item was for a wounded vet not for me - I have located a replacement. I will not post the individual's name or location - just wanted to hear what others would do - I like the wait and see recommendation - thanks Mike - Project Healing Waters Volunteer
  15. Go to the original ad in the classified section where you or the seller posted what you wanted to buy or sell. If you scroll under the posting you will see a red and green $ sign. Click it to leave a good or bad rating. The amount of good or bad ratings you have can be seen next to tour "like"count.
  16. I think it comes down to expectations. If you let me know that you're not going to ship for a week, I'd be fine with it. If I don't hear anything, then I start to wonder. In one instance, I gave a 3% refund because I was later shipping it a package than I had originally stated. The other guy didn't really care, but I hadn't met an expectation I'd set.

    I'm with Jerry - shipping is a pain. UPS and FedEx are expensive and USPS is inconvenient, especially if you have to wait in line.

    I've bought and sold quite a bit of stuff on the forum and haven't had a deal go south yet. I'll use PayPal exclusively for long distance transactions just for the buyer protection. By the way, I don't think you get the buyer protection if you send the money as a gift. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  17. Look above, there's an illistration on how to do it.
    Sounds easier then it is. Yes, there are boards that do it. Guess what? A thief is a thief. Know how easy it is to get 25? 50? 100 posts? Ask Ed Call, as Mumbles I think he has 1,000 in one day. ;) LOL. Post count means nothing when it comes to integrity. We had a scammer on the board who started doing scams after his 150th post. Where do we set the limit? Seriously, the system really isn't broken at all. How many transactions do we have and how many of them go bad? Not many at all. Do we start limiting out of state sales? Seems to date almost all of the ones we've had weren't in WA. Key I guess is to insist on doing paypal or FTF ONLY! Would solve all of it pretty much.
  18. If this transaction was another scam I want to see the scammer's information posted as he/she may be on other boards doing exactly the same thing. Keeping their info private does a disservice to the good members.
  19. I get the work long hours, can't get to a place to ship it for a few days, etc etc etc. Ok, lets assume for a second that is the case. Fine, and nobody would have a problem IF the seller just sends a freaking email and communicates with the buyer. There is NO EXCUSE for that short of you have been in the hospital. You can write an email in two minutes at any time you can.
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