how does the search function work?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by golfman65, May 28, 2009.

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    I know I'm 'tarded...but everytime I read about a pattern on here..and being new to salt I want to look it up...I go to the fly pattern section and enter it in on the search function and it comes back with...look again....

    I break it down to simplest forms such as "sand lance" and still no joy...WTF am I doing wrong?

    internet beek...
  2. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Click SEARCH
    Click ADVANCED SEARCH in the search box
    Type SAND LANCE in the phrase box
    Go to the form category box and select PATTERNS
    Go to the bottom of the page and hit SEARCH

    I just tried this and got dozens of hits, most of which have threads of discussions with patterns mixed in. You might have to sift through a few pages of text, but I think this might work. I hope you find what you seek.
  3. D3Smartie Active Member

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    this should be stickied at the top of every forum. nice work Ed.
  4. Matt Burke Active Member

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    Another option in advanced search is if you know who the original poster is, you put his name in the search.
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  6. Matt Burke Active Member

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    Does anyone know how to make the words you search inclusive and not. Like some search engines you say, include sand 'and' lance, but ignore the word dickweed. Or some you can say sand* then you would get sandy or sandlot. Scoones, is this possible? Our, opps sorry, your search engine will return a butt load of threads for just one word. If you use two words, it will return all threads with the first word and all threads with the other word. Can you smell what I'm thinking here? The amount of info to search is getting huge. Just hoping there is a way to narrow it down.