How far to travel?

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  1. I have to travel 2.5hrs to get to fish my waters.
    I was wondering how long others travel to their fishing spots?
  2. i remember one day i flew in from san diego when i was in the military. I left san diego at 530 am and was picked up by my father at SeaTac at bout 8:20. He says "so i cant get a trip booked this weeknd with the hatch, but i have an idea. Do you want to go to twin bridges and fish with rooster for the weekend?" Me: Hell yah. Stopped by the house in Kirkland at 9 and were on the road by 930. Ended up in twin bridges about 7 oclock with a few stops in between. Fished for two days on the Jefferson and big hole and was on the road by 5pm sunday. Arrived back in seattle about 2 am and was on my flight at 11 am Monday morning.

    It was a pretty crazy weekend. 4 states in one day and epic fishing. I will drive about 5 to fish if need be for a day trip, although i normally make it an excuse to camp
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  3. The range is from 1 to about 15 hours, with the average around 2. The highest price in fishing is time.

  4. To where I like to fish at is 49 miles from my back door to the creek. Or another place is 14 miles away. I never figure in time, just miles. I take my time driving as I'm never in a hurry.
  5. Usually 8 hours is about the max for me, but I can be easily tempted to drive further if the fishing is good...:)
  6. The local rivers i fish take about 1-1/2 to 2+ hours from door to riverside.
  7. Beach--10 mins.
    Rivers--35-45 mins.
  8. Depends on the time of year, but it ranges from 15 minutes to 15 hours. Longest I go for a day trip is about 2-3 hours. Anything longer and I'm camping & taking a few days off work.

    Mid summer through fall there's lots of options within an hour.
  9. It depends on what I plan to fish for. I can be on a bass lake in 20 minutes from my house. It takes more like an hour to reach either a good trout lake or river and it takes at least 2 to 3 hours to get to prime trout lakes and rivers.

    I can be on good salmon/steelhead/SRC rivers in 45 minutes.
  10. Trout - 15min to 1 hr
    Salmon - 10 min
    Steel - 1.5 to 6 hours
  11. disregard... hit wrong key
  12. For day trips, my rule of thumb is that I need to be able to fish at least as much time as I spend driving. So, 2 hrs each way is fine as long as I get at least 4 hrs on the water.
  13. My closest neat little spot for SRC (and chum during the season) is only 8 minutes away. Closest lake for playing with stockers is about 15. Lots of good fishing well within 60 minutes north, south, east and west!
  14. The Beaverhead is 5 minutes from my house. I could get there faster if I drove there.
  15. I love the beav
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  16. Why drive when you can walk?
  17. Well I really can't walk to far. So I have to drive. But I only fish that river in the winter time. It's way to damn many out of state people there in the Summer.
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  18. Just givin' you a hard time, OMJ! ;)
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  19. My average river trip is around 2.5 hours to the first spot and i usually spend another hour or so in the car drivng to different rivers. I plan my day trips where i can get a few good hours on a river and then ill hit another one close by the second river is usually one that i have never fished before just looking for some new waters. For lakes the max i have driven is 3 hours and that was a 2 day fishing trip at pass lake while i spent time with my uncle.
  20. I know it. I can take it.:p:p

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