How large of a chironomid do you tie

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Grayone, May 8, 2014.

  1. and have success with?
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  2. Size 8
  3. Thanks for the quick reply....On what hook?
  4. Tiemco 2302 or equivalent
  5. 8 here too. Mann Lake. No fancy curved shank required. Just a 2X long wet fly hook.
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  6. Thanks fellas!
  7. Size eight bomber!
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  8. usually 8-12 though i have em tied down to 20's.
  9. Big fly big fish small fly all fish
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  10. don't tie anything larger than a #12, very rarely will i have a #10 in my box. smallest i tie is a #16.
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  11. I do have some 8s, for very specific times. When fish are keyed in on bombers, they tend to not be shy and there are days where watching your indicator isn't as important as holding onto your rod.
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  12. I think you guys mean "buzzers" not "bombers" :)

    The vast majority of midge emerger patterns I use are on the smallish size. I'd say sizes 16-20 is the norm. The only stillwater where I use a size 8 is at Mann. I have no idea why the midges are so large over there.
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  13. High Desert lakes have an unusual amount of minerals that can support large trout and many insect species. That's what I have come to realize.
  14. Nahhhh.

    I think the real reason is due to the discovery of uranium in the Steens Mountains near Mann. Obviously residue from the uranium has leaked into the lake and caused the bugs to mutate into an abnormally large size... the radiation effect :)
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  15. Alkalinity is also an important factor.

    Some weird things come to mind when radiation/ harmful materials combine with trout. The double-jaw effect:)
  16. I've always believed the in adage "Big flies, big fish". I use these on a secret lake where the flies are real big and the fish are in scale.
    View attachment 42206
  17. I usually use a 200R in a #12 or #14. I have tied them on Scud hooks too and again #12. Rivers I like #16.
    Very sporting there Jack...BARBLESS.
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  18. Jack , that is awesome!
  19. 200r is a great shaped hook but way to thin of a hook for fish over 18 inches imo.

    i used them at diamond lake when my normal hooks were out of stock and had a 22 inch fish bend it bad. and had the next one bend on a 17 inch fish. daiichi 1760 or tfs 2305 is a way better hook that wont bend out on you cause they are 2x strong .

    i caught this bull trout on a #14 tfs 2305 and the hook wasn't bent even slightly
    , wheras im almost certain an 200r would bend bad, or even break on this fish. i like them for tying nymph patterns for rivers where you are less likely to encounter trout or char of this size.

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  20. VERY nice. I have not had one straighten yet. Thanks for the heads up.
    Lately I have been using N201 from Allen Fly Fishing.

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