how long are your clousers/minnows/bait fish patterns

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  1. do any of you trim your clousers closer to the shank/use shorter ones?
  2. For the beaches I fish I keep my baitfish patterns at minimum of 2". I have fished shorter ones but after realizing that my 2 to 3" flies receive the most attention I dumped the shorties. IMHO it seems to attract the larger SRC's but the smaller SRC's don't seem to care either, they're happy to eat up a big meal. Fish are greedy sons a guns.
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  3. yea i had a ton of action on mine that was about 2" but when i was adjusting my pack and let my fly dangle in the water i noticed a little src nipping at the clouser but it was hitting the tail and was nowhere near the hook so was just curious if anyone tries to fish shorter flies to get more hookups.

    thanks for the reply
  4. No prob. Also trailer hooks for the short strikers or tube flies with longer bodies thus extending the hook further back.

    edit: I don't know why but seems to my SRC like to short strike... maybe it's their way of stunning their prey before they hit it for real.
  5. It was really really interesting watching that src hit my fly at my feet. the fish hit the tail, which would push the fly forward/up a few inches, then it would hit the tail again, etc. it did this 4 times before i decided to try and catch the fish so i gave the rod a shake and the fish darted off

    I don't tie flies yet (no room in my apt) so I just use what I can find at fly shops...which usually means the standard clousers and bait fish patterns.
  6. All the recommendations from the forum I've read and received have been to keep them on the small and sparse side. I've been tying everything on mostly #6 and #8 with overall length at 1-1/2 to 2 inch. Pretty much just tie and use chartreuse/white, dark blue/white or pink/white clousers and a variation of B. Triggs Chum Fry.

    I've not ties any tube style or flies with trailing stingers and have yet to try any gurgler/popper patterns... things yet to come.
  7. I typically keep the baitfish flies around 2-3 inches. I find that the short strikes people find they are to early on the strike. I always tell people to strip till they feel the weight, then set. A short strike from a cutty in my opinion is the first part of the take, I fish a bunch of flat wings that are tied on a size 8 SC15 and of coarse like anything else, you miss fish, but not anymore than a strung out fly or a long shanked hook.

    The popper fishing will ruin your life, it is so fun to get then flying out of the water!
  8. yea poppers are amazing. so damn fun.
  9. I've had good luck with mini clousers
    1 1/4 inches long
    Esp for coho

    Maybe the smaller flies imitate euphosids which are pretty thick in wintertime south sound

    I run up to 4 inch in summer in the narrows which is bigger water
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  10. Think about the size of the baitfish already in the water. It makes sense to try and imitate the size with your flies. Chum fry are small so the pattern is relatively small. Herring are anywhere from 1 1/2 " to 5" so you have to adjust your fly size accordingly, within reason, of course. And you need to think about what the primary source of food is for the fish you are targeting. That's why you fish for Ling Cod with an 8" to 10" fly but with a heavy rod.
  11. Chum and pink fry swim up and out of the gravel in April and May and immediately begin their downstream migration at a length of about one inch. In the lower reaches of the river and along the beaches, they are sufficently abundant to become a welcome target for sea-run cutthroat and bull trout (as well as nearly every other species of fish that can catch them). Here are a couple of very different-appearing imitations: Bob Triggs' Chum Baby and the late Doug Rose's Keta Rose.

    IMG_0448.JPG IMG_0708.JPG
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  12. I recall reading in Doug Rose blog that the early chum fry coming out of the gravel and into the salt are as small as 35mm. Real close to Preston's quote above. I have been tying size 8 flies just like Preston pictured above.
  13. 1 to 4" depending on the target species.
    Here is a picture of my super sophisticated cereal box length gauge that has been on my tying bench for probably 15+ years.
    I have a patent on this so don't copy it and sell it to fly shops for $20. ;)

  14. image.jpg
  15. Geeez stonefish....where do I send my $20 to get one of those sophisticated fly gages. I'm impressed with the technology it must have taken to put that together.....You are my hero!.....;)
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  16. I trim the hackle close to the shank in order to make the wife think my clouser is bigger! :p
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