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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Nol, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. I am considering building a 3wt and was wondering how long it should take. I built a rod on my own about 5 yrs ago but haven't since then
  2. I am a hobbist builder of rods, but I have built about 50 or so rods. Once I have all the components assembled, I can comfortably build a rod in a week. This is just working on it a few hours in the evenings. With fitting, gluing, wrapping, epoxy, etc, I do a few steps each night. In hours, it takes me about 8 - 10 hrs of actually working on the rod.

    Dr Bob :beer1:
  3. I will agree with Dr. Bob. I have built a rod and fished with it two days later, but it did not get the attention it really needed. Take your time, be detailed in your work. It will make a much better rod to look at and you can enjoy showing off to others.

    Guess other question is do you have equipment such as cork reamer, turner for epoxy etc.

    I still wrap all my rods with a book and a 10lb weight on top, the thread spool in a small bowl so it doesn't roll around the table. Made a wood holder for the rod sections with rubber bands to hold in place while the thread wrapping in setting. So, I guess I am not the right person to say how long it would take. For my redneck ways, yes one week. They still turn out beautiful.

  4. Don't worry about how much time it will take. Since it has been 5 years since your last build, it will take you longer than a guy that builds more frequently. Worry about doing it right. Speed comes with practice, but quality comes with making sure you do things right. Take your time reaming the handle so you get a good fit. Do a static test to set guides, not a chart. After static test test cast and see if satisfied. I am going to assume you are going to use a production handle and reel seat assembly this will save you time from making your own. The minute you start to hurry, a guy named Murphy takes over.

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